Wednesday 12 August 2015

Yah Baby!

Well, the second washer was delivered today, the first one was non functional sue to a broken door catch. This one has a working door and everything! Opening and closing the door was about all that I managed to do and everything else will have to wait until the laundress gets back from her trip to Regina. I will do the hook ups of course, but the first wash will belong to Louise.

There is something about firsts that just warms the heart. I suppose that it is the newness of it all. Getting a new car, even pre-owned car is a day that each of us remembers, for a while anyways. It needs not be the first car you have ever owned, just the first time that you have owned this particular car that is special. I am using “car”, but it applies to pretty much everything.

Even children are not immune to being the first. The first child always seems to get more than subsequent kids. They get undivided attention from both parents and any other child has to share that attention with number one. The first kid always have more photos taken, more impractical toys and clothing given to them than number two, three or four. It is even a bigger deal when number one gets ill. For the second kid you already know what to do in most instances and are aware that this particular malady is nothing to worry about. I know this first hand because I am a second child.

Perhaps that is why we die; there is nothing new to capture our imaginations. Well, nothing new that we actually care about enough to keep on living. Jeez, that is pretty sad. Personally, I find new and interesting things every day…really….no seriously, I don’t care to die at this point in time.

You know, the first washer was more exciting because we had to wait longer for it and our anticipation made it special. It had shiny, blue tape all over it, hook up instructions taped on top of the machine and the glass (plastic) window had a protective plastic covering. The new one? We only had to wait four days, not weeks. There was shiny blue tape holding everything together, but I’d seen that before. The instructions were old news and I have a feeling that plastic on the window is going to be a pain in the ass to remove.

Four days ago everything was new and exciting; today there is a new washer in the basement that is waiting for me to do some work. Ho-hum!

Mind you, pretty soon I will have old clothes that have been washed in the brand new washer and dried in the new dryer. Yah Baby!!!

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