Tuesday 25 August 2015


I am not a very good liar.

Well, that’s what I tell all of the gullible people anyways. For the most part they seem to believe me, heh…heh…heh.

In day to day life I just don’t find the opportunity to lie to people any longer. Sure I will tell a woman that her new hair do looks good and that no your ass doesn’t look any bigger in those pants. When someone is about to embark on the absolutely wrong path in life I will smile and nod, commenting “If anyone can do this, you are the boy!” Six months later I will once again lie and tell them that I was sure it would have been a successful venture.

I know some people out there are saying “What kind of an asshole friend are you? You could have saved your friend needless effort and prevented them from failure.” Well, you are wrong! My friend, your friend, you or I would never listen to good advice when we have decided on the path we wish to travel. That is just human nature. Besides, who are we to say that a failure isn’t just what is needed in their life at this juncture? God works in mysterious ways and at times I do as well.

Some lies are good for the soul. Some lies can make the impossible happen. Some lies can really hurt though.

The truth is generally the best way to get along in this world. Well, truth with a touch of common sense. Although it may be true that your wife was right when she told you ten miles back that you should turn left, it isn’t really beneficial for her to tell you. You already know and feel like a complete moron anyways. It does no good for you to mention that the roast was burnt because she is painfully aware of it. I suspect that the secret to a happy relationship is more about keeping your mouth shut at certain times than just idle chatter.

If you are having an argument or are in the beginning of an argument, one or both of you should just say your thought and then keep silent until one of you is proven correct. Then, the better person will keep quiet and let the other come to the realization of how lucky they are to have a brilliant and gorgeous partner. You may think you are making points by going over and over the fact that you are right, but the simple fact that you feel a need to demonstrate your position will kind of prove that you actually think you are wrong.

I am not saying this as well as I should and I know that Louise will just make no comment about it at all. We both know I can do better. What I can’t do better is find someone as wonderful as she is that tolerates me.

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