Tuesday 18 August 2015


Maegan arrived for a visit today. It is always nice to see her and I finally know how my mom and dad must have felt when I choose to move out west and make my life here. I am happy that she has a wonderful life in Toronto and I know that is where she belongs, but I can’t help but wish I could be a bigger part of that life. If wishes were fishes…

That being said, I have the feeling that I am going to miss more than a few blogs over the next few days. You see, we, as a family have rented a chalet in Golden BC and will be spending four days or so in the mountains. I am not sure if there will be internet access or if I will be able to find the time to write. Somehow, I doubt it.

That means that while I am having a ball in the mountains you will need to entertain yourselves. Sorry…

Talk to you later.

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