Saturday 8 August 2015


I believe that how you view life directly affects the way your life transpires. If you are friendly and happy, the chances are that people (even strangers) will be friendly and happy back to you. If you treat those around you with respect and listen to their concerns, then generally they will respect you.

However, on the other hand if you are a miserable prick, life will line your path with people who are more than happy to be a miserable prick right back at you. If you expect that you will get the flu every year, then it is a better than average chance that not only will you get the flu, you will get the flu several times during the winter and a summer flu for good measure. When you expect bad things to happen in your life then invariably bad things will happen in your life. That seems to be the way it is…mostly.

There are people that life should shove down the cosmic toilet and flush. Instead, these proper bastards somehow manage to have a rich and rewarding life. They find jobs that encourage them to be pricks and the more people they treat like dirt the more they are rewarded. That makes no sense to me. On the other hand, those of us that are like earth bound angels seem to be knocked down every time we try to get up. You do a good deed and make someone’s life just a little better and come home to a ticket from a photo radar installation. You know the one; it was on the way to the animal shelter when you got a puppy for the Make a Wish Foundation. The hot water heater springs a leak and the dryer dries the last towel. Well, so much for the big donation to the Salvation Army.

About four weeks ago our dryer died and rather than throwing good money after bad we purchased a new washer and dryer. The thinking was that this washer and dryer would be the last ones that we ever buy. That is the hope anyways. The washer was on back order so we had to wait four weeks for delivery. The four weeks were up yesterday and after waiting around for most of the day that truck pulled up and the guys brought in our brand new machines. FANTASTIC@!!

Well, until we noticed that the washer door wouldn’t shut and the catch had somehow gotten broken. SHIT!! We called the sales guy and he said he would look into it. Just for those that aren’t fluent in salesmanese, “look into it” means “Fuck that, call someone who cares.” Today we did some running around and rather than bore you with the process, the new washer will be delivered in two to four weeks.


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