Sunday 23 August 2015


I spent the past four days with the family in a beautiful cabin just outside of Golden BC. For all of those home predators out there in WWWebland, you missed your chance. I am home for a good long time and will defend my home from all manner of evil people, murderers, thieves, rapists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and worst of all, those conservative candidates who are seeking re-election.

The cabin had two bathrooms, four bedrooms, kitchen, dining and a sitting area, a great room with a snooker table, a pinball machine that didn’t work, two or three decks and a hot tub. I have never been fond of hot tubs since I was groped in one once. I like to think it was one of the women that did it, but Vance was really drunk and had a smile plastered across his face. Now, I don’t think that any of my family would grope me, but why take the chance? I am huggable soft after all. I spent more than a little time getting re-acquainted with the fine art of the cue. I played mostly when the table was empty, not wanting or caring for any competition. I am very, very, very rusty, but I suspect that I would find my form given enough time.

The highlight for me was…well, I can’t tell you.

The second highlight was the shower in the main bathroom. It was one of those fancy ones that had a waterfall feature, and jets that sprayed vertical as well as a nice regular type of shower head. I was sprayed in places that I haven’t been sprayed in before. I imagine that Vance has though.

We went for a hike or two, ate too much food, laughed just enough, played with grand kids and I managed to sit back a few times to marvel at how wonderful the family has become. I guess that is the only real legacy a person can leave behind.

I could have written and posted blogs while I was away, but very few people read it on a regular basis and those that don’t can go piss in a cup. I just didn’t feel it was appropriate somehow and I needed a break from it. I have been wondering about the blogs value to me and if I should change it somehow. Every summer I worry that I will lose it because I have no idea how to pay the company that sold me the site. Every year they send me notification after notification that the account will be due on a specific date. This sends me into worry and concern that I will lose it after all this time. When the date arrives they send an email thanking me for my payment. I don’t understand either. One year I will go to post a blog and it will no longer be possible.

Until that day, we will see what happens.

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