Saturday 15 August 2015


It is odd how something random will catch your attention and start your thoughts to wander and wonder.
Today we found ourselves in the Bulk Barn looking for peanuts. The peanuts are located in a large bin just inside the door and we could have grabbed the peanuts, paid and been on our merry way. Where is the fun in that? This is the bulk barn and I don’t think I have ever just purchased what I went in for. They have bulk everything, lots of candy and treats, cool looking baking gadgets, powdered soups, gravies and God knows what else. We picked up the peanuts of course, some pretzels, ju-jubes, popcorn and tiny cookie cutters of a gingerbread man and woman. This is the best time to buy Christmas needs.
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When we were checking our purchases out, I happened to notice several tiny containers of Saffron on the counter. It seemed to be an odd thing to have as an impulse sale item. Many people don’t know what saffron is and those that do wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had it. I am one of the latter. I am aware that saffron has a rich history and was spread back and forth across the globe in ancient days. It has been worth more than its weight in gold at times throughout the centuries and is still one of the most expensive spices. It takes 75,000 blossoms to make one pound of saffron. It is used to colour and flavour many foods, perfume and as a dye.

I don’t think I have ever had saffron. Well, I don’t remember having it anyways. Maybe I should at least try it…maybe.

Can you imagine the people that were and are involved in harvesting the three stigmas are hand picked from each flower? I wonder what they earn for all of that back breaking work. Probably not as much as they should earn.
I wonder how hard it is to grow the saffron crocus. It would be like growing gold and that would be a good thing. I can barely grow weeds in my garden; I think I will pass on growing saffron, although it is something to keep in mind for my next lifetime. I should make a list of those jobs I wouldn’t mind doing if I am reincarnated and another list of the jobs I really DON’T want to spend a lifetime doing.

Let’s see…writer…artist…ne’er do well…gypsy…king…queen…treasure hunter…astronaut…beach bum…mailman ( I liked my job)…city worker…professor…archaeologist…blogger…

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