Saturday 29 August 2015


Okay so I am getting old and crotchety. That’s no big deal, I am supposed to find more to complain about as I advance in years. Well, supposed to or not there seem to be a lot of things that need and deserve a comment from me.

Today I was at the library. It is one of the “New” type libraries where any amount of noise can be made; people eat lunch at the tables and for some reason others feel it is necessary to take out a hundred kiddie books at a time. No pre school kid could possibly make it through a tenth of those books. If they did then they would be the first kid to attend university at three. I suspect that the parents don’t really give a shit what book they take out because they won’t be reading to the kid anyways. It is just another thing that kid can put his or her peanut butter smeared fingers on. Perhaps I’m being too critical.

However, I do want to complain about the library itself. The library board decided that it would be better if they replaced the librarians who checked the books out for people with machines. I am sure it is saving money and freeing up the librarians for more important work like making change for the photo copier or wiping down tables after the lunch rush. It wouldn’t be so bad if the people could actually figure out how to work the machines.

I stood in line behind some people today that must have just come from their lobotomy. One woman couldn’t figure out what to do with the card and then when one of the librarians took time out to show her, she didn’t know how to scan the books. Another woman could scan her card but was at a loss when it came time to input her password. ALL PASSWORDS ARE THE LAST FOUR DIGETS OF YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!!! When the librarian found her password, she lifted her three year old up to scan the thirty books they had.

These machines seem to draw the stupid out in droves. It is the same at the self check outs at the super markets. If you don’t know how to work the machines, wait in line and have a cashier check you out. It will be faster and far less frustrating. No, these people are the ones with all of the weird and exotic fruits and vegetables that no one knows the codes for and likely just can’t find. Oh well!

Thank God I am retired! I have the time to waste waiting in line for these morons to skew the learning curve. I can see why some people never leave the house. It isn’t because they are agoraphobic, they just can’t abide stupid.

They have Dumbasaphobia…me too!

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