Monday 3 August 2015

Who Cares

I think there is a storm coming. There is an election coming and that promises to be a shit storm of lies and promises.

I suppose that being part of the team running a country has always been very desirable. Wars have been fought and people killed just so someone could wear a golden crown and sit in a chair just a little higher than all of the others. Money and power, power and money, I guess they go together.

Being a leader used to be far more important than it is now. I days gone by the leader was the one that was the best hunter and could plan the best direction the tribe should go in. A good leader meant that the people would be healthy and happy. Now, it seems that the best leader is the one who can spend the most money convincing the electors that his party will be more fiscally responsible than the other guys. It is also important in recent years that our leaders look pretty or handsome. I kind of like voting for an ugly guy. The ugly guy had to make it on his brains and conviction. Well, maybe.

I think that who runs the country really doesn’t matter much to me. The guys we have in power now are probably the most corrupt group of politicians this country has ever seen, and my life has only been moderately affected by their criminal activities. They are funnelling money to their friends and cohorts, but I would never have been on the receiving end anyways. The cost of living has gone up, but it would have gone up no matter who was in power. I am happy if I can have enough to afford a home, food, meet medical needs and maybe a little left over to have a coffee every now and then.


I don’t care about too much tonight.

I am looking forward to the storm, it will match my mood.

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