Wednesday 3 December 2014

We Can Only Hope

The other day a lovely picture of my son and granddaughter, Tsunami, was posted on facebook. It was a picture of Brendan holding Tsunami and they were hanging a decoration on their tree. I guess it may be because I am a proud grandpa, but this is the most beautiful Christmas photo I have seen in a long while. It seems to capture the essence of the season for me and will for a number of years to come.

Shortly after I saw the picture I was wondering if I could Photoshop a picture so that it appeared to be in a snow globe. It turns out that it is quite possible and if you have twelve minutes to watch a video, a copy of Photoshop and an unknown amount of time to spend on a fairly steepish learning curve. I decided to make the attempt today and use the aforementioned picture as a subject.

I had a slow start, but with surprisingly successful results. Well, I managed to make a glass like circle that would eventually become the globe part of the snow globe. From there on, things took a turn into the less than optimum area. I have a pretty old version of Photoshop, number 4 I think and they are currently at number 11. Normally, for the things I do, number four is plenty good enough. It’s actually good enough to make the globe part of a snow globe.

The video kept referring to buttons and directions that my program just didn’t have. I thought that they may have just renamed an older button and if I just kept experimenting I would come up with the correct sequence. That’s the same kind of optimism I have when my car breaks down and I jiggle a couple of wires under the hood thinking that may just fix the problem. It has never worked with the car, and not surprisingly (to everyone but me), it didn’t work with Photoshop.

I gave up after an hour or so. Well, I haven’t given up; just put things off for the foreseeable future. It is the Christmas season after all and miracles do happen all the time. There was that burning bush, the Red Sea thing, healing the sick, raising the dead, walking on water and Santa. I might be able to figure out the correct sequence of buttons and commands or failing that, I may just get a Photoshop Elements for Christmas. I might visit Pirates Bay and see if I can unearth a bootleg copy. Who knows?

The more likely scenario is that due to my advancing age, something else will catch my attention and I will forget the whole painful incident. 

We can only hope.

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