Sunday 21 December 2014

Nod and Mumble

You know that Christmas is close when I start planning to pick Maegan up at the Airport.

She arrives tomorrow just before noon for a whirlwind visit cramming in some shopping, some visiting, the new Hobbit movie, a gingerbread house or two, eating of fine, fatty foods and of course a mega dose of the nephews and niece. Seeing Hurricane, Tornado and Tsunami is the main focus, everything else is superfluous.

I always look to her visits with a little trepidation; she often tells me things that I don’t really want to hear. Things like “I’m not perfect” and “my ideas are too simplistic” and “That’s just stupid!” She is always right of course, but I don’t have to like it or listen to it. I just have to nod and mumble.

I look forward to seeing her for months and do the countdown like a kid waiting for Christmas. I get nervous that something might happen and the visit won’t go well. I worry that we won’t have the food that she eats now and I will be stuck eating all of the fattening food myself. I worry that I’ll somehow miss her at the airport because I won’t pay to park and in the free lot I only have a half hour before I have to exit and re-enter. I wouldn’t blame her for that, any flight leaves you anxious to get away from the airport just as quickly as possible.

Once she is here, I start the countdown in reverse. Only seven days left…only six days left…only five days left…

The best part of course is the time I spend with her in the present, no matter what kind of idiotic things I might say. I am looking forward to the visit. Just one more sleep!

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