Friday 12 December 2014

I Wonder.

I can’t remember if I have written this blog before. I know I have thought about writing it. The problem is that I come off as holier than thou or just a downer which isn’t the case. Well, maybe…

Fermented fruit is thought to have been “invented” about 10,000 years ago. Just about the same time the use of mind altering herbs were discovered. Both of these substances were used for special ceremonies to commune with the Gods, “see” where the hunters would find plentiful game. These substances were used by responsible, intelligent people for the benefit of all.

Who knows when the first ruler discovered that if you made alcohol a part of the diet, you could work your people extremely hard and they would remain more or less docile. The Egyptians used beer as a staple of their diet, and look what they were able to achieve. The British navy made use of rum as a daily reward for hard work. The side effect is that the workers and sailors were numbed into happiness at the end of the day.

Today, the vast majority of our working population will reward themselves with a drink of wine or beer at the end of the day. They use it to wind down from the stresses of daily work. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the modern drug user, being too old to partake and also too old to be trusted. From all accounts however, drugs of all kinds are a booming business.

I was walking past a bar today around 11:30 AM and there were three gentlemen outside having a cigarette. They were laughing and from what I could tell, had a nice little buzz on. I’m sure that a similar gathering was at all of the countless bars around the world, with people smiling and laughing, getting more and more “happy”.

I drink rarely, so I don’t really understand. I always liked my job and my life for that matter. I never felt the need to escape my life, even for a little while. In my youth, I did experiment with alcohol and drugs, but I never did feel comfortable not being in control of myself. I also didn’t like the taste of alcohol, and quite frankly I don’t understand anyone who does. It does take all kinds I suppose.

I wonder if we need this method of escape to make it through our lives. I wonder if a plentiful, cheap supply of intoxicants is a viable method of ruling a large population. I wonder if we would willing work at jobs we didn’t like if it weren’t for an escape at the end of the day or week. I wonder if our addiction to the media is tied into this kind of control.

I wonder if I am just not like all the rest.

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