Sunday 14 December 2014

Lotto Numbers

I just watched the last half hour of a movie called “About time”. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen it or if you think that sometime in the future you might be inclined to watch it. If you do want to keep reading, you can save yourself from being disappointed by making a pact never to watch the movie…ever.

Not surprisingly, the movie was about time. Time travel actually. It seems that the men in this particular family were able to travel back in time and alter the way things happened. They would go into a small, dark space like a closet or any random dark room, close their eyes tight, clench their fists and when they walked out of the closet they were in the past. The movie didn’t get into the mechanics of time travel; you just had to believe that it worked. I didn’t see enough of the movie to become an unbeliever; I just sat back and wondered where they were going with the movie.

Of course every action will create ripples in the timeline and often when this fellow would return to the future, things would be somehow different. I guess you just have to keep tweaking time until you found a timeline that you could live with. Thank God it was only one family stepping through time. Can you imagine the chaos if there were a lot of these time steppers changing things to fit their particular view on what an ideal future would be?

He went back and saved his sister from a horrible accident by keeping her from meeting an abusive idiot boyfriend, but in so doing he changed his little girl into an equally cute little boy. One thing he did that I would love to do myself is he went back and visited his dead father while he was still living. His dad was one of the few people who understood what was going on and they often had a good visit. Sometimes they would relive past “good” days they had together. Did I mention that when this guy went back in time he was his younger self?

I’d give a lot to be able to talk to dad one or two more times. His birthday is coming up and I’m always a little teary eyed when I think of him.

This is really where you should stop reading if you are going to ever watch the movie.

In the end, this young man lived a week of days doing things as he normally would, with all of the stress, anger, angst and general normalcy of life. After each day he would go back and live the day trying to enjoy the day as best he could. After the week, he came to realize that living your life and appreciating it each and every day is the best. From what I could gather, he didn’t travel in time any more; he just made the most of the life that fate had given him .

I can see the wisdom in that, but if it was me, the only thing I would change is that I would go back with a pocketful of winning lotto numbers

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