Monday 22 December 2014

Mysterious Ways

My mother-in-law just used to love this time of year. Not the whole Christmas season, although she probably did that too, but just a few days before Christmas. She loved getting into the malls and rubbing shoulders with everyone and their grandmothers, searching for that last minute gift. I don’t think that she had any more shopping to do, but just being amongst all of that shopping energy is something she couldn’t get enough of.

Thankfully that genetic trait must jump a generation or two, because neither Louise nor any of the kids seem to want to dive into the deep end of shopping. It is entirely possible that one of the grandkids will have this affliction, but that won’t be my problem.

We did go into Superstore today around noon, but we had a good reason. Maegan wanted to pick something up and we needed some vegetables in order to counteract the handfuls of cookies and candy I have been shovelling into my mouth. My theory is that for every gram of greens eaten, it will negate a pound or two of sugar and fat. I’m quite sure that someone somewhere has a study to prove that to be true. It is the season to believe, and that is something I choose to believe.

I was busy holding the basket while Louise was rifling through the Mandarin oranges. There was a produce employee taking the green tissue paper from off of each orange and having trouble keeping up with the people emptying the bin as fast as he filled it. Louise told him that his mother probably spend the better part of his childhood giving him shit for playing with his food, and here he is playing with food for a living. They both laughed, Louise wished him a Merry Christmas and we went on our way.

I looked at Louise and said that was pretty funny. She said that moms do scold their kids not to play with food. I agreed, but said that wasn’t what was really funny. What I thought was pretty funny is that Louise wished a Merry Christmas to a guy with a nametag that read “JESUS”. Pretty fitting really.

Who knew that Jesus worked at the Superstore? God does work in mysterious ways.

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