Saturday 6 December 2014

I Am Full of Shit

One of my favourite movies is Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. It wasn’t the first movie to come up with the concept of a time loop, but it may have been the best and most entertaining.

I just watched a Christmas movie called “Pete’s Christmas” that is pretty much “Groundhog Day” but replaces Bill Murray with a teenage boy. It was/is a surprisingly well done movie, given a low budget and a no star cast. I guess what I mean is that I found it entertaining.
What I like about this kind of movie is the steps the main character goes through to get to the end. It is a movie, so you know it has a happy ending, even though there are a few moments when our hero has self doubts. The way the character develops throughout the movie, going from selfish teenager to thoughtful and well developed family member is heart warming. He ends up helping each and every one of his family and those neighbours around him.

I missed the first part of the movie, but I assume the boy’s grandfather gave him a little wooden box as a gift. It was empty and Pete resented getting nothing when he was hoping for something. One of the last scenes is Pete telling his grandfather that he understood the box. “The box is like life, it isn’t important what you take out of it, the important thing is what you put into it.” After that, a cute girl comes up and he gives the box to her. I don’t know if he is going back to his old ways or like most teenage boys, when a pretty girl smiles at them they can have whatever they want.
While I was watching the movie, I was thinking that I could benefit from the message in it. In both Groundhog Day and Pete’s Christmas, the main characters learn to play an instrument by practicing every day. I could do that without having to relive the same day over and over again. In fact, I am going to do that with the guitar and ukulele. I’ll play for an hour a day, each and every day and post either here or on facebook how I am progressing.

Nope, it won’t work! I am already thinking of ways to avoid either practicing or reporting. I’m pathetic! I might just do it, but not for anyone but myself. Self development is kind of the underlying plot of both movies after all. I feel better already knowing that even if I fail miserably, the only one who will know is me.

If however, I start talking about doing a gig or making a recording in the next year, you will know that I have been practicing. If I write a blog next year around this time about how a movie I saw has inspired me to become a better person, go back to checking your facebook page because I am full of shit.

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