Tuesday 23 December 2014

A Better Day

What a crazy time of year!

I had to go to Superstore to pick up a few last minute groceries tonight. I waited until after nine, thinking that I would have the store pretty much to myself. There were several hundred people who thought the same way that I did. I guess that old saying is true, “Great minds think alike…and fools never differ!”

I was hoping for the empty store, but wasn’t too surprised by the crowds. It is after all the holiday season and you are bound to run out of some essential item for that family favourite Christmas dish. We needed some frozen spinach, baby mum-mums, baby carrots, whipped cream, milk, eggs and that thing I forgot and still can’t remember. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow and be able to pick it up early tomorrow morning when I will have the store pretty much to myself.
Today the news people said that this is typically the biggest sales day for retail stores for the entire year. I don’t know, Black Friday has to be pretty damned close. I hope that all of the people who were shopping managed to find the special gift they have been looking for and that the sales people maxed out their commissions. If the stores have done well, that means the manufacturers have done well which in turn means that our GNP is going thru the roof. People will keep their jobs and some more will be able to get a job so that next year they can keep the financial ball rolling.

For us men, pretty much everything has been done that we can do. Perhaps I should say that all we are going to do has been done. It’s now up to the cooks in the family to work their magic in the kitchen. I know that there are many men who love to cook and some families have only men to do the cooking. I am speaking of the Norman Rockwell image of Christmas dinner. The family gathered around a beautifully appointed table, with smiling faces and saucer shaped eyes as they watch mom carry in a perfectly cooked turkey. I can smell it now, and it smells fine!

 I guess one of the few that still have a lot of work yet to be done is Santa Clause. His busiest day is fast approaching and I can imagine there are more than a few wrinkles that need to be smoothed out before tomorrow night. He can handle it, he always does. Whether by good planning, a dedicated team of workers or perhaps magic, Santa will do what needs to be done tomorrow. I hope that when his long night is over, he can come home to a warm hearth, a soothing drink and perhaps a good long rest. He sure will have earned it.

I wish you a good day tomorrow (whatever day you read this) and a better day after that.

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