Wednesday 13 August 2014

Sunday Drive

I can remember back when I was a kid, every Sunday we would all pile into Dad’s big old Buick LeSabre and head off in search of the road. The direction never mattered and the destination didn’t really matter, all that mattered is that the family was together and we explored the countryside around Toronto.
We would drive until dad, mom, Steve or I would see something that might be worth stopping for. Sometimes it would be a berry bush by the side of the road, sometimes it would be a fruit and vegetable stand where mom would buy something fresh for that night’s supper. Often we would see a falling down barn and just have to investigate to see what the past residents didn’t deem worthwhile to take when they moved. My favourite places would be beside an unnamed stream where we could dip our feet and have lunch or a snack.
Those are some of my favourite times with the family and I made sure to keep the tradition with my family. We had the mountains west of Calgary, the prairies east, south and north to explore. My favourite is and was the mountains, but the best part was being with my family.

None of that actually happened of course, our family is prone to extreme road rage. To head out into the insanity that is Sunday driving without a destination just doesn’t make sense, now or then. A part of me kind of wishes I could do that stuff, but I never seem to make time for it. A buddy will often take the secondary roads to get where he is going, and he is heard to say “It may be a little slower, but it is much more scenic.” I didn’t say he was one of my brighter friends, but he kind of has a point. My feeling is that if I take the main road I will save a bunch of time and can then spend that time in search of beauty. I don’t, but I could.

Recently, Louise and I headed out without a firm destination in mind. I had to have a destination of sorts, but it was one of those destinations that I didn’t care if we arrived or not. There was a small town on the way that specialized in antique shops and our first stop was there. I love to walk in antique shops, looking at the things that have outlived their owners and marvelling at just how well made items were back in the “Good Old Days.” Unfortunately, after a few shops I am completely overwhelmed by the huge assortment and just can’t process any more. I find myself walking in a daze, looking at beautiful things and just going “uh-huh”

We ended up at a beautiful site that had a lake, shade, sun and a picnic table to spread our stuff out on. It was the perfect spot that I mentioned a few paragraphs earlier. Strange how life often imitates bullshit sometimes. We spent a few hours there and although Louise is convinced I didn’t enjoy myself, it was a good afternoon. We decided to take the secondary highway home, it was a little slower, but all in all it was much more scenic. Who knew?

Our windy return trip took us to Vulcan Alberta which is a town that has embraced the Star Trek universe for all of the tourist dollars it can get. They have done a pretty damned good job. I will go back (willingly) when and if I need any Star Trek paraphernalia, or maybe if I just have the desire to take a Sunday Drive.

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