Thursday 28 August 2014

Farm Animal Conspiracy

I consider myself to be something of a conspiracy theorist, not the ranting, drooling and pissing my pants kind, just the normal kind of nut.
I believe that government officials will always do what is in their best interest and sometimes we benefit from what they do and sometimes we won’t. They just want to keep their jobs and if possible build a little nest egg so they can afford a really good lawyer when and if they get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. A good politician only takes enough to irritate the taxpayer, not aggravate.

Big business will do what is in their best interest and we rarely will benefit from what they do. Their political friends will often reap the rewards from turning their gaze in a different direction. No one seems to know why the price of gas increases before a long weekend. Well, no one in business or government, the rest of us do know however. The reason prices are similar for almost everything isn’t because the corporations are working with a very shallow profit margin, it’s because they have agreed on a maximum price that the consumer will tolerate.
Like I say, when I can, I blame those large faceless corporations and politicians for pretty much everything. I’m not a nut, well, not completely anyways.

I do have a facebook friend that I think might just fall into that “nut” category. She and her friends believe in “Chemtrails” which are those exhaust lines that jets leave when they fly across the sky. It seems (according to the whack jobs) that the governments of the world are in collusion with the airlines to seed the skies with chemicals. I’m not sure if the chemicals are meant to poison us, make us more docile or reduce our sex drive. I’m pretty sure the “chemtrail” people aren’t worried that the government is dropping fluoride on us. They are against fluoride of course, but they don’t think it is coming down from the heavens.
To my way of thinking, if big business and government were intent on drugging us, we would be drugged. Who would stop them? Certainly not some housewives posting old pictures of vapour trails across the sky on facebook, nope, not happening! In fact, I know from personal experience that the government ABSOLUTELY does not want me to use drugs. Well, they have put a lot of effort into keeping the population from getting mellow.

Can you imagine how many people would be involved in a scheme to spray chemicals from high flying airliners? Forget about the government decision makers or the corporations that manufacture the chemicals. There would have to be regular guys at every airport in the world filling special tanks with this stuff. They would know it wasn’t fuel and their union would want to know just what the hell it was. If it were dangerous, these guys would have to get hazard pay. There is no way they would do it for free.
The “chemtrail” people must be non-unionized office workers to have made that kind of mistake. I’m pretty sure the airport workers are on drugs, but they are the kind you smoke at break time. There is no other explanation for why luggage goes missing on such a regular basis.

I can believe maybe that big business is poisoning us by feeding chemicals to cattle that then produce methane “chemtrails”. It’s a really slow way to destroy the ozone layer and we may never know who is behind it.

Maybe George Orwell hit the nail on the head when he wrote “Animal Farm”, the chemtrails could be a farm animal conspiracy…

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  1. Funny, all of the things in that "capitalism works best when left alone" pic are problems caused by socialism, by LACK of laissez-faire capitalism.