Saturday 23 August 2014

Over Medicated

We are having a sleep over at our house tonight. Hurricane and Tornado came by around 2:00PM. Well their mom tossed them out of the car and sped off laughing like a maniac.

Okay, I might be exaggerating, but I might not. It’s almost as if Arwen decided to stuff them with sugar and let them spin out of control at grandma and Poppa’s place. Not cool!

I took them for a three hour stint at five playgrounds in the hope of tiring them out, with some success. I say some success, because they calmed down a little but I was ready to pass out by 5:30PM. I am suffering from a very painful sore neck (not related to the kids) so my tolerance levels are down a might. I’ve been a little short with the boys.

We had supper and then I let them play with water outside. It is far too cool to play with water outside, but I had given up being a responsible adult half way thru supper. When they were done getting soaked, Louise had them strip off their clothes and dropped them in a hot tub for a splash fest. I sat in the living room, staring into space and wondering how Arwen remains sane. It’s a mystery.

We watched a movie and put them to bed. I over medicated with my favourite over the counter drugs and think I am writing a lucid blog.


Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is today and yesterday is history. 

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