Friday 8 August 2014

Life's Harder When You Fight It

I am once again at the airport, making my way towards somewhere that isn't home. Like all of the trips I take, getting there is generally the worst part and what remains is fun. If it weren't for Louise I would most likely never venture further from home than I could walk. Thanks Louise for showing me the world.

The airport was typically busy today and we had to line up everywhere. We were in line to park the car, we were in line to check our bags, we were in line for the security line, we were in line at security, we were in line at the boarding gate, we were in line in the tunnel to the plane, on the plane and more than likely the plane was in line to take off. That is a lot of lines!

There is very little to do when you are standing in line, other than talk to your travelling companion and quite frankly I think Louise would rather I didn't talk as much as I do. That leaves the other strangers who are trapped standing in line around me. There are pretty limited topics of conversation you have access to, the weather, the line, destinations and that odd woman carrying two large binders on sales theory, two carry on bags, a blanket and oddly, a well worn teddy bear. She dropped one of the binders and it exploded just like they used to do in high school.

There are some subjects that you just DON'T even mention at an airport or on a plane. You know what I am talking about, the things they drag you off of planes, perform a strip search and lock you In a clear plexiglass room with a clear plastic toilet while they wait for nature to take its course. Of course, those are exactly the kind of things that I want so very badly to talk about. I am nursing a small gash on my inner bottom lip, but I don't have a plexiglass toilet in my future.

What I do like to do, is to watch all of the other people in line with me and pick out the odd one to give my full attention to. It isn't hard to find that guy, there is always at least one. Today I found an older gentleman who looked about as comfortable in an airport as would a duck. This guy had a bewildered expression on his face, no, more like bewildered anger. I imagine that where ever he and his wife are headed, it just wasn't his idea. He was upset that the security people took his drink from him, complaining that water isn't a threat to anyone. Then, he saw how long the line was and his dark mood just got darker. 

I had glimpses of him every now and then as we snaked our way towards security. I was busy taking all things metal out of my pockets, but was elated that I could keep my shoes on. It is a small thing, but even a tiny amount of dignity returned to you is welcome. My angry friend was stopped coming through the metal detector, he had forgotten to take off his belt. He was stopped once again for having left his watch on. His voice was picking up in intensity and as he tore the watch off his wrist he said barely containing himself "You want my glasses too! I have fillings in my mouth and a high iron content in my blood!!!!"

The security guy kept cool and told Angryman that the watch and belt would be fine. I gathered up my stuff and lost sight of the angry duck. I expect to read about a plane turning back due an irate passenger or having to make an emergency landing to off load a heart attack victim. I hope the rest of his vacation is more pleasant than the flight out, but I suspect his life is no longer that simple. 

Life's harder when you fight it. 

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