Tuesday 19 August 2014

Smart Little Buggers

I like technology, but sometimes it doesn’t like me.

Most of the time I can figure out how something works and if I can’t figure it out, there is always Google to help me as a last resort. If you can think of a question or something you want to do, someone, somewhere has thought of that question and wanted to do what you want to do. You can bet they either Googled it or put a video up on youtube to show everyone that they can do it.

One of the springs on my garage door broke yesterday. I don’t think it was anything I said or did; it was just the spring’s time. My normal way of dealing with things like this is to ignore it until it becomes a much bigger problem. It has always worked in the past and seldom costs any more money than if I dealt with it right away. The benefit to putting it off is that it gives me time to save up the money or have that cash magically appear. It never has, but I remain hopeful.
I took a new tact today; I called the repair guy right away and set up an appointment. Well, I didn’t call him right away, I checked out youtube to see if I might be able to do the job myself. I might be able to; it seems to have a series of steps that need to be done in order and a few specialized tools. Unfortunately, there is also the very real possibility of a ride in an ambulance with an overnight stay at the hospital if I made a mistake. I decided it was best to leave the job to a professional. I may cry about the money, but at least small children won’t run away from my horribly disfigured face.

Incidentally, it took the guy less time to install the new springs than it took me to watch the video last night, I can’t imagine how long I would have taken to do the job.

I am a little slow on the whole “texting” bandwagon. I’m like the guy that thought the telephone was an interesting toy but would have no real, practical use. I just don’t see how texting is better than calling someone and talking to them. When I am in a conversation, I will often think of other things I need to ask. I guess that’s the point, keep it a one sided conversation. I suppose it isn’t too different than the cultures that use a talking stick, maybe this is just an updated version. The benefit is that you each have a talking stick and don’t have to wrest it from some long winded baboon.
I’m willing to give anything a shot, and so it is with texting. I guess the major difficulty I have (other than tiny keys) is that I will often put my phone down and walk away from it. Very difficult to read a message or even know that you have a message if you are in a separate room. Last night I had a question for Arwen, so I decided to text her. I got a reply immediately.

Lksd’;aiourp;szjuhe’;kmsd j0swl;v klmsdipnfd’lmspjfd’l s’[asdfjosdfmjsdkfn0uzjrnsvp7irenjdfpsi[‘erowjwrjwoij

Normally, Arwen is more concise in her texts. I figured that she was letting Hurricane and Tornado “text” Poppa. I’m game, I texted a reply.


I got a picture back of the two cutie pies. I didn’t know you could text a picture, but I managed to send one back to them. I got more weird letters and finally a picture of Hurricanes bare butt.
This went on for about twenty minutes and then I re-texted the original question, I had things to do after all. The reply I got was “Oh my God! The little @@#$%#W^’s! Yes next Wednesday.”

I guess Arwen is more than a little pissed off, they were supposed to be asleep. I was impressed that they already know more about texting than I do.

Smart little buggers, I wonder if they could figure out how to replace the garage spring the next time it breaks…

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