Thursday 31 July 2014

Why Not

There is no easy answer or solution, but maybe we should give Arlo’s solution a shot. It couldn’t hurt.

Washington, MA - The Farm.
There's certainly no end to the amount of fingers people have when pointing to the faults in others. True enough for events going on in The Middle East as well as elsewhere.
And end to the conflict in Gaza will not come about through a military or a political solution, at least at present. Throughout history there's probably been over a dozen different invading armies that have had a temporary claim on the area. Some have lasted longer than others, and each has left behind a little bit of the cultures they represented. There's a rich heritage that people around the world would love to experience if it were safe to do so.
The wealth of it's heritage is not only in the tenants of religious dogma, or the latest conquering army, but in the food, customs, art and music that are alive and well. The spirit of the people who dwell there cannot be owned, bought or sold. It is what it is and who they are. The security of the people of Israel and of Gaza is interdependent. So what's the solution?
I believe there is one solution easily at hand that could lead to a political climate change.
Put aside the future questions of political solutions for a period of - say 50 years (anything between 50 and like 99 years) and withdraw the military combatants - Let everyone claim victory, which they will do anyway.
Then, I'd like to see a truly massive investment in the rebuilding of an entire area where the natural resources of a beautiful coastline and historic cross-roads of civilizations create a unique opportunity for visitors and inhabitants alike to experience the local culture in a way that offers hospitality, education, safety and security for anyone.
Let's see an economic flood of epic proportions open the borders, end the isolation and create a living breathing business, and cultural free-zone that invites investment so that everyone has something to lose if it fails and something to gain if it succeeds.
If everyone would be willing to put off the political solutions long enough to explore the benefits of prosperity, I'd be able to say, like the guy in the movie 'Oh Brother...'
"I'm with you fellers."


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