Tuesday 1 July 2014


I thought today was Sunday. I guess it’s because of the Canada Day festivities. Who has a holiday on a Tuesday? What good is that? Canada Day should be on the Monday so that the good hard working people can get a long weekend. Instead, they either have to take a holiday day or convince the boss that he should give everyone an extra day off. You know, because he is such a nice guy. Fat, fucking chance!

It has no effect on me really, I have long since ceased to care what day it is. Even when I was working, it was either a day I got up early to work or it was a day I got up early to do nothing. To tell the truth, I didn’t do a lot when I was working, so it was pretty much the same, without the commute.

Oh, I guess I should HAPPY CANADA DAY!! shouldn’t I?

Not much else to say, or should I say that there isn’t anything that I want to share tonight.

Have a good night and if you are working tomorrow, enjoy the short week.

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