Wednesday 9 July 2014

Clouds in the car

I was sitting at a red light today, patiently waiting for the gods of traffic to decide it is time for north/south to have a turn. I wonder how long I have spent during my life waiting in traffic. I suppose that there is someone, somewhere that has calculated the time it takes for the lights to cycle through and how many times per day on average he is stopped at a light, multiplied by the number of days in a year he drove and then use the actuarial tables to figure out his life span. That guy should get a life. No, he should wait to get a life.

Anyways, I was sitting at this light and after I thought about wait times, I noticed the woman in the car behind me. She looked like she was somewhere around middle aged and looked much like a normal kind of woman that frequents traffic lights in my area of the city. The reason that I gave her more than a passing glance is that she had some tiny clouds floating in the seat beside her. For a moment I thought that it could have been smoke, but any middle aged woman I know would run screaming from the car if it were filling up with smoke. No, those are definitely clouds in the passenger seat.

I don’t know anyone that rides with clouds. I can’t imagine why clouds would want to ride in a car unless they were really tired of floating. Personally,I always thought that floating would be a pretty easy thing to do. All you really need is to be lighter than air, and after that floating would just kind of happen. I have floated in the ocean and although I didn’t try to not float, in my heart I know that floating was all I could do at the time. I don’t think the cloud was there willingly.

Of course that means the nice middle aged woman was a cloudnapper. If I assume that to be true, then I have to wonder why anyone would forcibly take a cloud. Not for financial gain surely, clouds don’t have any money. If you wanted money then you would be better off to snatch a rainbow. It would be pretty cool to have your very own personal cloud floating around the living room, raining every now and then and the odd time maybe some thunder and lightning. Clouds can be fickle creatures though, one minute they are in front of you all fluffy and white and the next minute they have simply faded away.

I did consider that the woman was in fact Mother Nature who was transporting a lost baby cloud across the city to reunite it with its parents. Perhaps the sky just needed a small cloud over in the NE corner, just above the horizon to be absolutely perfect. I just don’t picture Mother Nature driving around in a blue 2003 Chevy Malibu. I don’t know why she shouldn’t drive whatever she likes, but a Malibu lacks a certain status don’t you think. Mother Nature should be riding clouds, not transporting them like some common delivery person.

I had the fleeting thought that maybe this woman was Joe Btfsplk's wife. However, that's just silly, how could she be married to a character in a comic strip. I'll keep that idea on the back burner though.

I have always wanted to ride a cloud, but not only would it be tough to mount the cloud, I suspect hanging on would be a little bit of a challenge. I kind of know it isn’t really possible, but I can dream can’t I.

When I got home, I told Louise about seeing Mother Nature in a blue Malibu and how she was driving around with a baby cloud in the front passenger seat. Louise listened to the story and then said “Well, it might have been Mother Nature, but it could also have been the clouds in the sky reflecting off of a clean windshield.” Hmmmm… Yeah, I guess….

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