Sunday 20 July 2014

Bad Luck and Trouble

I recently read a book by Lee Child called “Bad Luck and Trouble”. I enjoyed the book, it isn’t deep or thoughtful in any way, but there is action and I like the main character Jack Reacher. I wouldn’t like him very much if he was angry with me, but its fun when he is angry with other characters in a book.

I was looking at photos we took when Aunt Maegan took Hurricane and Tornado out for a fun day in Red Deer. I know, I had the same reaction, how is it possible to have fun in Red Deer? I was wrong, and so are you. We went to Discovery Canyon and what a hoot! You rent tubes for $20 and when you turn them back in you get a $15 refund, so five bucks for an afternoon of non stop fun. Take the tubes to the top of the man made canyon (not far) and the kids can ride the water down to a large wading pool at the bottom where they can start the whole process all over again.

I say the kids can ride, but really anyone can if the tube doesn’t bottom out with an adult weight on it. I didn’t even try; I did pick up something in high school science class. Maegan did, and was mostly successful, but older bodies don’t have the same amount of fun when they tip over. It is just the right amount of drop for the kids and the surrounding area is a great place for adults to sit and enjoy the warm weather while keeping an eye on the kids. I highly recommend it to anyone in this area for a nice, relaxing day by the water. Water is in short supply in Alberta, so this place will be visited again. Thanks Aunt Maegan!

From there, we decided to find the Rotary Park for some playground fun. It was a little bit of a challenge to find it, but the kids had a great time on the apparatus. They hardly needed to be rescued at all!   

Just before leaving, the boys needed to pee, “REALLY BAD!” Of course there wasn’t a public washroom available, so we decided to use the one that nature had provided. We stepped into the woods at one end of the park and after watering the trees, we discovered a stream ran through the woods. Awesome!

It wasn’t much of a stream as far as rivers go, but it was just perfect for little boys to play in and around. There were trees that had fallen across the stream making a bridge to the other side, stepping stones which were almost guaranteed to move when a tiny adventurer stepped on them. You could see minnows swimming in the shallows and somewhere just out of sight there would be much larger fish…maybe whales. There were stones at the side and plenty of targets to toss them at. In short, it was a kid’s paradise. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long and needed to get the boys back to the car and home to mom and dad. Another day perhaps.

Louise took one of the best pictures of the two boys which I have titled “Bad Luck and Trouble” It was a great day and had some magical moments.

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