Sunday 13 July 2014

Ahead of My Time

I’m taking a break from watching the World Cup right now. I think its half time so the rest of the world will be flushing toilets, refilling the bowl of treats and putting a few more beer in the fridge to get cool. There are billions of us watching this game. Crazy! I know that in the future we will be able to go to the local arena and for a nominal fee we will be able to watch a live, holographic projection of the game in real time. It will be so much better than watching it at home or in a skeezy bar somewhere. Plus, we will be able to drink over priced beer and eat $8.00 hot dogs. Hopefully they won’t be holographic!

Since I am Canadian and was never very athletic, I am ambivalent about the outcome of this game. I don’t care if Germany or Argentina ends up with the cup, just so long as it is a close, competitive game. I thought that I was cheering for Argentina, but it looks as if I am actually hoping that Germany wins. Go figure! I don’t really understand those fans that are tearing their hair out, pounding their chests and have tears flowing down their cheeks. Fuck man…it is just a game!

You don’t see the athletes crying. Well, not all of the time and if they are, it’s probably because they played 90 minutes of football (soccer) with a broken leg. I just can’t believe the physical shape these guys are in, it is truly impressive. They are all winners! Well, only the ones that end up with the cup, but the other guys should be proud as well.


Time has passed and the Germans have won the World Cup. They are the dominant force in the world…finally! Well, good for them! The Argentineans shouldn’t be ashamed of their performance, the game could have and in the opinion of some, it should have ended differently. Isn’t Argentina where a lot of Nazis fled to in 1945? Oh well, they have four years to discuss it before the next World Cup is held in Russia. That is another country that longs for world domination. The US does as well, but they play football (soccer) like girls.

I guess baseball is the big sport for the summer, with football (football) overlapping it for a couple of months. Then it will be hockey for eight or nine months. Golf is in there somewhere and NASCAR is pretty big too. I kind of feel sorry for big sports fans; they never get time off anymore. The grass just keeps growing, nothing around the house gets repaired and it could be years before they realize that they are divorced.

I will just wander around thinking abut things I should be doing, but just aren’t getting done. Perhaps it’s because I am lazy or maybe I am a huge fan of a sport that just has yet to be invented. Yeah, that’s it…I’m a man ahead of my time

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