Monday 14 July 2014

Learn How to Live

This blog might be finished in about two weeks. I can't seem to find a way to pay for a renewal and it has so far been impossible to contact anyone at Google. 
If you have been a regular reader, thanks and if you are a stumbler, I'd also like to thank you. I will continue to do the blog under a different name. 
Let me know if you want to be informed of the new name. It is possible that I may figure out how to talk to the elusive machines at Google, but I am not going to hold my breath.

Auntie Maegan is out to visit the nephews and the brand new niece. Anything can happen and often does.

Hurricane and Tornado are getting just a little more excited than is usual and even though Tsunami doesn’t really know her aunt yet, she is starting a fun ride. Aunt Maegan was at Disney World and brought present back for one and all. The presents were welcome, thoughtful and much appreciated.

We got together at Brendan’s for a gathering of the clan. We talked and ate, ate and talked and I for one ate a little more. I sat back and watched things move and flow around me. Hurricane and Tornado were a little interested in Tsunami, but the interest faded when she didn’t do anything but gurgle. They ran off and fought pirates, found buried treasure, crossed a mile wide river on stepping stones and still found time to get a home made popsicle. Tsunami slept through it all.

She will have her times of discovery, and in fact she is busy discovering and learning about a whole new world. She will need to learn a new language, learn how to interact with the beings that live in her new world and find a more efficient method of transportation. The one she is using now will only take her where the bearer wishes to go. She will develop all to fast.

I love to watch how the adult kids interact with each other. They are family and know each other so well, but as the years go by that knowledge is becoming out of date. They laugh, talk about what is happening in their lives and commiserate when that is needed. It wasn’t too many years ago that I was in their place and some old guy was watching me and how I reacted to the other members of the family. The circle is coming around I suppose.

I am no longer a part of what is happening. I am included in the conversations, but what I have to say doesn’t have a lot of impact. Tornado told me not to tell stories about when I was a kid anymore. He is entitled to his opinion, but if he wants to keep the gum and candy coming, it would be in his best interest to keep his mouth shut.

I think I should write something about the subtle changes that happen in a persons life, and how just as you achieve a certain status or knowledge you are bumped up to the next level where you are once again the “new guy”. Being a “new guy” sucks!

For now, we will enjoy a magic visit from Aunt Maegan, talk, play and laugh. It will be over all too soon and then I will wait for the next visit. I’ll wait while the boys grow up. I will wait while Tsunami learns about this new world she is in. I will wait until I just don’t want to wait anymore.

Then I will have to learn a new language, learn how to get around, learn how to interact with the beings in the new world. I will learn how to live…

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