Wednesday 15 February 2012

A Word Of Caution

  Well, it looks like I am going to have to write tonights blog on the iPad, as I have the sinking feeling that my desktop has decided that it won't be a party to this drivel anymore. I had hoped that if I just did nothing for long enough then the computer would forget that it was breaking down. No such luck! So far, this seems to be working fine.  

Buster and I were walking today and sometimes our walks take us past the high school that my kids went to. When it was built, it was heralded as the most high tech school in the city with more computers than any other by far. I did a tour just before it opened, and it was really a place that would be a treat to learn in. Oh, the kids would probably still hate being there for the most part, but as an adult it was nice to see my tax dollars being spent on something that I could actually get behind.  

The reality was quite different of course. You would think with all of those computers the kids would be able to access the library from home and when their homework was complete they could just email it to the school. Unfortunately, the school officials were so paranoid about the kids hacking the system that there was a very limited access. I knew they would piss away my tax dollars.

 So, Buster and I were walking past some kids going to class and they were wearing clothing that was really inappropriate for the weather and in my mind, attending school. I am just an old fart so who cares what I think anyways. It got me to thinking about when I was younger and the inappropriate attire that I would wear from time to time. There was one time when the city of Toronto was suffering a shortage of marijuana. I think the supply lines must be better now, but back then, if there were a large seizure, the whole city would be without what we needed to get through the day. My friends and I were fortunate to have heard of a guy that knew a guy that heard that a friend's sister went out with a guy's brother who actually had some weed and was willing to sell. We called around to all of our friends and took their orders and of course money with which to buy the dope. It is hard to remember, but I think we were buying a pound or a kilo. We had gone to school and had learned the economics of purchasing in bulk. The more that you bought, the cheaper you could sell your product for. Thanks for making me take the five year business program in high school mom and dad.

There were a couple of problems associated with this buy. The first was that this guy lived on the other side of the city and we only had one friend with a car. Luckily, Ken was on board with the whole idea of getting high and staying there. The other problem was that we didn't know this guy and thought that it would be best to take the maximum number of people to avoid any kind of rip off scenario. Ken would have to go of course, and Big Bri was a shoe in because of his size. They didn't need to know that he was a cuddly marshmallow. I went so that I would be able to write this blog forty years later and it was either John or Don taking up the other seat. Even if my memory wasn't playing tricks on me, I was more than likely wrecked during this incident and I am amazed that I can remember any of it.  

We all piled into Ken's Epic and started the drive. Before we got onto the highway Ken stopped to check the oil and asked me to pass him a rag in the back seat. I told him there was just a pink sweater and he said that would be fine it belonged to his girl friend. Errr....ahhhh...OK. Bri rode shotgun, I was behind him and Don/John was behind Ken. Ken was wearing a top hat over his shoulder length hair, pink glasses, a tie dyed shirt and tie dyed pants. Bri had tie dyed overalls and his afro. I was tie dyed as well with patched jeans, a leather visor and long hair. Don/John, well if I can't remember who, then I can't remember what they were wearing now, could I? I sat back in my corner drinking a beer and saw Ken and Bri drinking from a bottle of vodka/rye/wild turkey. It occurred to me that perhaps we should have dressed down when on a buying trip. Certainly, it would have been prudent not to be drinking and smoking dope on the drive to the buy. We will keep the bottles out of sight on the way home.  

It turned out that the guy was a pretty cool dude. We sat down and had a beer or two while we smoked a couple of joints to test the stuff. We paid the money and headed home. We weren't worried about getting stopped on the way home at all. We were barely conscious on the way home. All in all, it was a pretty successful trip.  

Just a word of caution to those in similar situations.You can't really judge how good the weed is if you are already really high and drunk.

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