Tuesday 7 February 2012

Those Sunny Disposition Types

You know that line that is on the computer screen which indicates where the next letter that you type will be located? Well I started to type and it just didn’t look right. The font was okay, but that damned line just wouldn’t let me get started! It took a while, but it is back to normal now and hopefully will stay that way.

I am a big fan of normal. Some people like change in all of its chaotic glory, but for me, give me a regular pay check, meals that are on time and a life filled with all things unchangeable. I used to like the changing of the seasons, but I am coming around to the belief that I belong in Hawaii where it is always the same. Perhaps that is just wishful thinking on my part. You don’t see me hoping to move to the Antarctic, and the climate there is pretty much unchangeable as well. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. It makes me a smart hypocrite, but a hypocrite just the same.
Well, great! Now I have lost my train of thought. You just can’t trust those damned line thingies. Oh, and I wouldn’t turn my back on most fonts either. They are different and have funny names. I suspect they come from other countries.
My daughter and her husband have put their home up for sale starting today, and I had to baby-sit Lola the bulldog. It seems that realtors aren’t keen on having dogs in the house when they are showing it to prospective buyers. I imagine that having a dog toss you around like a rag doll would kill any potential sale. I misunderstood Arwen when she told me what she was doing after work and thought that she would return earlier than she did. It got to be around 8:00PM and I started to worry. I was worried that Lola hadn’t had supper and she likes her supper. I was beginning to think she was looking at me as if I were a pork chop, just like in the cartoons. It didn’t help that we had pork tonight and the smell was in the air.

I then worried that perhaps I had agreed to keep Lola overnight and in that case I should have fed her. The problem is that she has a special food because of her weight problem. Neither one of us likes the food that we should eat, but we do eat it unless something tastier happens to drop on the floor. Lola, Buster and I had some popcorn earlier in the day, I ate out of the bowl and the two dogs ate off of the floor. They finished first and just stared at me until I put the bowl away.

Now, I had to start to worry about whether there had been a problem of some kind that caused Arwen and the boys to be late. I pictured everything from mechanical and health problems to an accident requiring a trip to the hospital. It is kind of odd that the first things that I think of are bad things. I probably get that from my mom. I can blame her; she is dead and probably won’t call me on it.

When you think about it, my mental health would be much better if I were to assume that she had won a draw and was picking up her new car. Maybe she and the boys ran into the real life Toopy and Binoo and are partying at Chuck-E-Cheese’s. Perhaps she is out buying me something really nice. The truth happened to be that she had some stuff to do and I was being anal as usual.
I think in the future I will channel my speculations into happier outcomes. God, I hope I don’t become one of those “sunny disposition” types. I hate those guys!

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