Wednesday 22 February 2012

Riding Bitch To a Four Year Old

You know, I don’t particularly want this blog to be a journal of my daily activities, but sometimes it seems that is just what it is. I take solace in the fact that a lot of what I write is not, not the truth, but more of an amalgam of life and experiences. Confused? Well, join the club.

Today was a pretty good day. I slept in a bit mainly because I am just a little under the weather. I have a mildly running nose (at least it is getting some exercise), and a sore throat that is hanging out with a cough. My voice is kind of sexy in a gravelly voiced kind of way. Okay, I just sound like I have a sore throat and shouldn’t be out anywhere talking to anyone. 

I put off a walk with Buster because as I said, I am a little under the weather and an insurance appraiser was coming over in the morning. When he came, I put Buster outside just so he wouldn’t bother the guy. I spent too long dealing with people that believed their dogs were the gentlest creatures on earth. A buddy of mine had a woman open the door and tell him not to worry about her “Fluffy” because she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Bill lifted his leg and “Fluffy” was hanging to his calf by her teeth. Bill asked her “What’s the name of this dog? ‘Cause this one really hurts!” I think Buster was a little pissed off, but what is he going to do? Oh, yeah, he can piss on the rug. Sorry Buster. Here’s a treat.

The insurance guy told me pretty much what I expected. They can fix it for about $1500. I on the other hand could fix it for about fifty bucks and not have to pay the $500 deductible. There is something seriously wrong with this system. I also found out what it was that is holding up my working for a couple of weeks at the post office. The post office had to move some sortation cases in order for the Construction Company to repair the floor that they had screwed up, and they were charging $5000 which the aforementioned Construction Company doesn’t want to pay. I don’t blame them, My buddies and I could move them in a day for about $600 in wages. We are going to tell the post office that we will move them back for $3000. Here’s hoping.

I signed papers to allow me to work at the post office. I had to promise not to steal any mail. I told them that in thirty years I didn’t find anything in the mail worth stealing and I didn’t believe that things had changed. We went to Tim Hortons for a coffee afterwards, and if you remember from last night’s blog they are having “Roll Up The Rim To Win” contest. Guess what? I won a coffee! All is right with the world and I am pretty sure the sun will rise tomorrow. If for some reason I don’t wake up then I leave my free coffee to Louise.

Arwen, Chris and the boys came over tonight for supper. Their house was being shown again. I hope for their sakes that it sells quickly, but from a purely selfish point of view I like seeing the boys more than we normally do during the week. Hurricane and Tornado have been sick lately (one guess why I am sick) and last night they were just snugglers. Tornado was much the same tonight, but Hurricane seems to be getting better. He wheedled a fudgesicle out of Poppa and after supper we went downstairs to play. He made a motorcycle out of the weight bench and had me riding behind him. We went to various places and he drove really, really, really fast. This kid is never driving my car! He drives like his grandma.

So anyways, this is what my life has come to. Riding bitch to a four-year-old.

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