Friday 17 February 2012

Half Full of Empty

You know it is always something.

I had put off getting glasses for quite some time until I was sure that buying them wasn’t going to be a burden financially. Sure, I have a plan, but it never seems to cover the full amount and this time I spent more than I should have. I have mentioned that my computer just died and although I am going to try and replace the power supply myself, the way my luck seems to be going I will probably just have to turn around and sell it for a loss on Ebay. 

February, March, April and May are big birthday months in our family and consequently big dollar months. There was a time when I would dread this time of year because you can’t disappoint kids on their birthdays. It is OK to disappoint adults however. We have a vacation planned and paid for and so far everything was under control. These are just the costs associated with life. I tend to be cheap, so I cringe whenever I have to open my wallet. However, as I said these things are planned and budgeted for. 

Just when everything seems to be going fine, the shit hits the fan. Oh, it isn’t on the scale of children starving in Africa or the European Union collapsing, but this will rock my world far more than those terrible happenings. I went downstairs tonight and noticed that the parquet floor in Louise’s sewing had heaved due to moisture. WTF! I tracked the leak down to our water heater, which is leaking. Shit!

I just don’t deal with this stuff very well. I know that I will call someone tomorrow and find out just what to do. That someone will come and take out the bad water heater and replace it with a new and improved heater that will look after our needs for the next decade or so. It will get done, but it will also cost. I think the last time I had one replaced, my buddy Peter did the work and he did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, he has since moved to BC where he fixes other peoples water heater problems.

The good news is that I found out that I will have a couple of weeks of work coming in March and although I don’t have any actual figures I would bet that the cost of the water heater replacement and labour will equal or surpass my wages. The “half empty” perspective is that I am working for nothing; whereas the “half full” perspective has me rejoicing that I have the opportunity to earn the money. I think that I am somewhere in between, “half full of empty”.

Tomorrow I get to pick up my glasses and with any luck I won’t look like a total goof in them. Well, no more of a goof than I normally look.

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