Sunday 26 February 2012

Oscar Night

I guess that I can’t let today go by without mentioning the Oscars. So many people all over the world tune in to see various aspects of the show. I would wager that a very large number like to see the movie stars. Some watch in order to see the outfits that the stars are wearing. Some people actually want to know who won what in all of the categories. I just think it is odd.

I suppose that my problem (one of many) is that I haven’t seen most of the movies that are up for awards. I don’t really care how the special effects were accomplished and the make up and hair people although wonderful at their jobs are in the end just make up and hair people. In my ignorance I was just going to say that other businesses don’t have annual awards presentations but they do. In fact, I am pretty sure that all businesses and trades have their versions of the Academy Awards. I was just so low in my chosen field that not only would I never be nominated, but I didn’t even know about them. 

I had a buddy that got a “Silver Postmark Award” one year. I can’t remember what he got it for, but I assume it was service above and beyond…yadda…yadda…yadda. I don’t think he ran into a burning building, but I would imagine that he somehow saved someone or maybe delivered a bunch of flyers before they were due. He and his wife went to a dinner and he was presented with his Silver Postmark award. I always call it the Silver Suck award just so that he doesn’t get a swollen head. I guess that if I were being honest, I would have liked getting some kind of acknowledgement of a job well done. The only problem and the obvious inference is that I just didn’t do the job that well. I would have run into a burning building and rescued a cat if there had in fact ever been a burning building. Maybe not, but there were many, many, many times that I didn’t call a customer a “Fucking asshole” when they were being fucking assholes. Maybe I didn’t get the award because of the times that I did call the customers fucking assholes. Hmmmm…something to review after I die and am trying to justify my life.

It is kind of nice to see what movies I should avoid watching in the coming year or two. Generally if the movie won the academy award I will sit there staring and wondering just what the hell it is about. One of the big winners tonight was a silent movie. I am all for the idea of actors keeping their mouths shut, but more off the screen than on. I was just wondering if it won for best writing. I am sure it is wonderful and all of you movie buffs out there are wetting yourselves waiting to talk about the movie tomorrow at work. Knock yourself out.

There is a guy I know that has over 6500 movies and knows the directors, writers, stars and probably the hairdressers from each one of them. He loves talking movies and his eyes light up when he does. I get a kick out of watching people talk about the thing that makes them want to get up in the morning. I just can’t remember that kind of stuff. 

When I watch a movie, I don’t want to know who did the makeup or even who the actors were. I want to immerse myself into a make believe world where anything is possible. I want to believe that dragon’s can not only fly, but that they can talk. I want to believe that a person can avoid a bullet and if he doesn’t, he will just shrug it off as “Only a flesh wound!” I want to know that two hours from now the hero will survive and the villain will lose. I want my aliens to speak English and be stupid enough for the human race to win whatever war we get into. I want the nice guy to get the girl. I want the underdog to win. 

I guess that at the end of the day I want to enjoy those two hours that I spent $12 to see.

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