Sunday 17 July 2011

Prophet In Wing Tips

It’s hot today!

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t Ontario hot and sticky, or the dry heat of Las Vegas where it can hurt to breathe. We don’t have the heat that Hawaii gets, nor do we get their trade winds. I have heard that it gets so hot in parts of Mexico that you can’t walk on the sand without burning your feet. I imagine that life on the planet Mercury would be really unpleasant for the two seconds before you vaporized. I suppose that heat is relative.

Most of my relatives don’t like the heat either. The ones that do, I don’t want anything to do with because they are obviously polluting the gene pool. I hope that they burnt their feet on the sand! I do have a close relative that likes the heat, but since she is the mother of my grandchildren I have to smile and pretend she isn’t crazy.

Other people must have better methods of dealing with the heat, making the unbearable, bearable. I understand that people in very hot climates have methods that enable them to live, work and thrive in spite of the inclement weather. You never hear anyone saying that the weather is very clement do you?

I know that in very hot countries they wear many layers of thin material, take a siesta during the hottest part of the day, drink hot drinks and eat spicy foods in order to promote sweating which is nature’s air conditioner. I am pretty sure that the turban has some practical use, but I haven’t been able to find out what it was. No one willingly wraps a three meter strip of cloth around their head unless there is or at least was a very good and practical reason. What pops into my mind is ancient toilet paper, but that is my mind and you really shouldn’t take note.

Mankind located in these hot countries for many reasons, Central heating was several millennium away, plentiful food supply (assuming you like figs, sheep, camels milk and unleavened bread), didn’t want to move too far from mom and dad, there were no messiahs anywhere else. Speaking of messiahs, did you know that there has never been a prophet worth his salt that didn’t wear sandals? I have never really been comfortable in sandals, mainly because I don’t like anything between my toes other than dirt. I imagine that indicates that I will never lay down a guide to living a righteous existence. That’s quite possibly a good thing.

The climate here is temperate for the most part, except for a few days every year when I get to complain and everyone that I know will tell me to “suck it up Buttercup!” They are right, but it is my God given right to bitch and whine. I think it is in the New Testament. The reason that I am a little “pissy” is that I managed to break a blade off the fan of the air conditioner today, so I guess I will just have to suck it up. Anyone know where I can get three meters of denim?


  1. The heat can make one very bitchy and looking to blame someone or something, oh well hang in there winter weather is only 3 months away and then you can bitch about that! B

  2. Three months? Yo forget this is Alberta. We have a month at best before the snow flies.

  3. Yes but it's a dry cold! b

  4. What's the word that I am looking for? Starts with "F", ends with "K" and rhymes with "duck"

  5. Having a real pleasent day here on the island today after a few days of warm but rainy weather. It is about +23c and a few clouds around but real comfortable. I sure don't miss the extreme weather changes that Calgary and area seems to always have. b

  6. Yea it is a hot one to be sure.I had to drive my car to the dealer this morning,another recall thing,god I luv ToyoDA. They provide ctrain tickets and I suppose if I were a differnt sort I would have accepted but I chose to walk about.3 hours later I get the money pit back and that was my day. Not enough to blog about but ....nice walk

  7. Well, anonymous, it could have been worse. It could have happened to me. C-train tickets? That's pretty cheap. Usually they will drop you off.
    Speaking of cheap, the next time, and you can be sure there will be a next time,If you choose to walk make sure to take the ticket anyway. You never know when your ToyoDA will give you an opportunity to use it.

  8. Way to go Anonymous I wish more people would take up walking, it's a great way reduce stress and get some cardio to boot. I just love walking in the summer morning with all that fresh air around and birds singing. I hate seeing all these kids today sitting around sucking on Slurpees, a doomed generation I'm thinking at least health wise! B