Friday 22 July 2011


With all of the millions or should I say billions that are spent doing useless studies, I was wondering if anyone has ever figured out the percentage of time we spend waiting in our lives.

I am waiting for some visitors that are going to be staying at our place for the night and then leaving in the early afternoon to catch a plane home to Ontario. I am also waiting for a call to coffee from a friend from BC that is in town for another friend’s daughter’s wedding. We will get together a few times when he is out visiting and catch up on each others lives. I couldn’t wait for him any longer, so I called another friend to see if he wanted to go for coffee and lotto tickets and to the library. I am waiting for him to pick me up. See, I can too multi-task!

I get in the car and before you know it, we are waiting at a red light. The light turns green and the truck two cars in front of us is just sitting there, so we wait for him to pull his head out of his ass. We get around the corner and at the next light we are the first vehicle to wait because Mr. Head-Up-His-Ass (HUHA) made it through the light. Two more red lights of waiting and we get to Tim’s where we have to wait while someone (probably related to Mr. Head-Up-His-Ass) tries to figure out how to back out of a parking spot while drinking a coffee, talking on the phone, adjusting the radio and smoking a cigarette.

We get into Tim’s and you guessed it we are waiting to place our order. My question is, how can you be standing in front of the donut display for ten minutes and not know what you want when it is your turn to order? Must be more relatives of Mr. HUHA I guess. We finish our coffee and have to wait while Mr. HUHA,s sister has her six and a half blocks free of cars in order to make a right hand turn.

Five red lights later and we are in the Co-op parking lot behind Grandpa HUHA who would rather stop in the middle of an aisle to wait for his wife than actually park the car. We have to wait to cross the parking lot because the young HUHA’s think this is a perfect place to drag race. I go to buy my chance at fortune and wait behind a woman that has 13 winning tickets. Who has that many winning tickets? Oh yeah, I am happy for her! It was on to the library where I waited behind a woman and her brood while they checked out somewhere between fifty and a hundred books. Really? You and those mouth breathers are going to read that many books before you can get back to the library? I call bullshit! Finally, my turn!

“I was called that I had an item at the library and couldn’t find it on the hold shelf.” I told the librarian at the desk. I waited while he swiped my card six times (I counted) and then entered my card number four times manually (I counted). I am assuming he got the number wrong the first three times. He looks at the computer and then up at me. “No sir, there is nothing here.”

“But I was called that there was an item ready to be picked up.” I told him.

He looks at the computer and then up at me. “No sir, there is nothing here.”

Okay, I thought, well I guess I will just wait for a day or two and come back, because there is a line behind me and I am sure they don’t want to wait any longer. Ken dropped me at home and I was greeted by Buster who had been waiting for me (he was really waiting for a treat) and then I settled in to wait for Louise to come home.

Louise finally came home and we began to wait together. Waiting together is so much better than waiting alone, and waiting with someone you love isn’t waiting at all, it is life.


  1. Hate to spoil your day Ken but your closing line is very very 'sweet'.

    Warmest regards from Canmore!!

  2. Promise not to tell anyone. It will be our little secret.