Friday 29 July 2011


Love... is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection.

Somehow, we all find love in this life. Most of us are loved by our parents, at least until we do something really stupid. Sorry about Falcon dad, but it was really an accident. We also give love back to our parents, which is about all that we give back to them until we pick a nice home for them to spend their golden years in.

Those of us that were lucky enough to have a pet when we were growing up get to experience unconditional love early in life. I am not talking about a cat here, but a real pet. You know, something like a dog, hamster, snake, canary, fish or even a pet rock which would be more loving than a cat. Okay, I might be a little anti cat due to allergies and just good common sense. If I have offended any cat people, just call your cat over and get him/her to console you. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

I think that you really have to have your heart broken a few times in order to appreciate that special someone who loves you for the person you are, warts and all. Sure, she might want you to get rid of the warts, but that just makes sense, especially if we are talking genital warts. Some women look at a man as a work in progress, more or less a lump of clay to be shaped into the perfect man. They will more than likely be disappointed, because no matter how nicely you dress a pig it remains a pig. Sorry Louise!

I have been very lucky in life with regards to love. My parents loved me, not as much as they loved my brother, but they loved me and when it was my turn to love my kids I tried my best to love them all equally, even when I wanted to kill them! During my childhood we had guppies (really hard to love a fish the size of a grain of rice), a canary (that had some very odd bird disease which made him lose his feathers and his song was a pathetic “beep”), and once my brother and I brought home a psycopathic cat called “Snowball” that could actually run up the walls after the lights went out and developed a taste for my dad’s armpit. I had my heart broken a few times and broke a heart or two which I just found out about a year or so ago on facebook. Sorry Linda.

The real love of my life is Louise. I know I must love her, because I haven’t killed her yet and she continues to put up with me after all of these years. I know, crazy! I keep waiting for her to tell me that she is done with this bullshit and to kick my ass out the door. Perhaps it is because my ass is so big it won’t fit through the door that has saved me. You fall into a routine after a decade or two which is pretty comfortable and predictable. This week however Louise surprised me.

I was taking Buster for our morning walk and when I grabbed my cell phone the battery was dead and needed to be recharged. No problem, no one calls me anyways and I’ll be gone for only 40 minutes. I put the phone on the charger and Buster and I went for our walk. When I returned I noticed that there was three missed calls on the phone. WTF? I set about calling each of the three people that call me, Louise, Arwen and Ken. I left a message on Louise’s work number and was talking to Ken when Louise came in the door. I assumed she was ill and bid Ken farewell so that I could see what was wrong with Louise.

That’s when I noticed she was crying. I guess that since she couldn’t get in touch with me on either the home phone or my cell (which I always carry) she thought that I had succumbed to some household accident. I do work with some dangerous tools and I am of the age that men often have heart attacks. Over the years I have had episodes where I pass out for no apparent reason, well at least no reason that medical science has been able to figure out. I can see why she got so worried and needed to see for herself that I was still alive.

Sorry to cause you such distress, and I promise that in the future I will either take my phone when I go for a walk or actually have an “incident”. Just kidding! You know, when you are together for a while you don’t always tell the other person how much they mean to you. Louise, thanks for being you and thanks for being nuckin’ futs enough to love me...

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  1. If that was a love story then it was nice to see two people still caring after all the years. Ken you are like me to be blessed with a woman that really does think they won at the game of love and life for that matter! Good think they never watched the" Gong Show" B