Saturday 5 September 2015

Yep Snow

It is snowing!

Not a lot, but that isn't the point. We should have days that are cooling off and just a hint of what's to come when the sun goes down. The leaves are still green with just the odd one thinking about maybe, possibly changing colour. No rush...just a thought.

The ducks and geese are still busy shitting on the grass in the park without a care about flying south. Mind you, most of them are too lazy to fly anywhere. The squirrels haven't even begun to bury nuts; they are just running along the branches without a care in the world. The biggest decision that the Canadians who live in Ontario have is which pool I go to so I can cool off. 

Me? I am thankful that I never did get around to putting the snow shovels away and that my parka is within easy reach. I don't ever put my gloves away because you just never know. I'm thankful that I have good recipes for soup, stew and chilli. I’m thankful that the snow won’t be too deep in the morning because it is the first snow of the season. Well, the second if you count the August snowfall, but I was in BC and missed it so it is like it didn’t happen for me.

Remember Indian summer? Whatever happened to that? Is it politically incorrect now? I don’t give a shit what we call it; I want it to come back. Call it Harper Summer, nothing he does ever lasts very long either. All I know is that I am feeling a little bleak right now and I’m going to crawl under the blankets and stay there until the furnace stops coming on. Or I have to pee, whichever comes first.

Yep snow…

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  1. Well I guess you'll be under the blankets till June ! B