Sunday 20 September 2015


So, here we are in a tiny room in the Billings Montana Howard Johnsons at 9:00PM.

The drive wasn't bad, we had a few laughs and radio for a good part of the trip. We did have to talk to each other every now and then, but it was mostly Louise telling me to pick one lane or panicking about the near head on collision. You know how women are. The scenery was mostly what we are used to seeing in Alberta, but knowing it was in the US made it different. About 35 cents on the dollar different.

We took a lot of pictures and I have every hope that I will remember what some of them are of when we get home. I have been keeping track of license plates and so far we have seen mostly Alberta and Montana plates. Tomorrow I expect we will see plates from South Dakota. Ahhhh...the wonders of travel.

We had just gotten into our room when we hear a keycard in the slot and the door opened to reveal a woman trying to get into her room. Apologies all around and thankfully she didn't get a good look at me in my underwear. No one deserves that! It turns out that the front desk guy, Travis, had timed the drugs incorrectly and gave this poor woman keys to our room. It will be interesting to see who climbs into bed with us in the middle of the night.

We had supper at a place called the Cracker Barrel which was just up the road from the HoJo. It is like an old fashioned general store only they had all sorts of touristy crap for sale. There was a big push on Halloween items which were pretty cute, but we could maybe get the same thing in Canada for less money. When we arrived, there must have been twenty old folks with canes sitting on rocking chairs i front of the store. I expected someone to bring out a banjo any time. Thankfully, the food was very good and I managed to stuff most of it in my mouth.

It turned out to be a tour group and those old farts were waiting for the old farts who were still taking up space in the store.

Anyways, good day and I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

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