Sunday 27 September 2015

Colfax Iowa

Okay...let me think, where am I? I know, Colfax Iowa. Colfax Iowa is about 20 miles east of Des Moines and thirty dollars less a night. We are at another Microtel and it is set up like the one in Rapid City, just a trifle smaller and plopped in the middle of nowhere.

I think I would shoot myself if I had to live around here. Actually, if you lived around here there is a very good chance that someone would be more than willing to shoot you. Even before we checked in, the lady behind the counter and a local woman were talking about the car chase that happened in town and surrounding area that day. The chase became too dangerous, so the cops called it off. That means that somewhere around here is a stolen truck filled with car thieves and quite possible religious fundamentalists.

The parking lot of the Microtel borders on a corn field just like the one in "Field of Dreams". It would be pretty cool to see a bunch of old timey ball players come out of the cornfield and into the parking lot to have a game of catch. Unfortunately, it is also like the cornfield in the movie "Children of the Corn". I am still having nightmares because of that one. I have the feeling the nightmare will be back tonight.

When I say we are in the middle of nowhere, that is unfair. Just up the secondary highway there is a McDonalds and a Subway. I was kind of hoping for more choice for dinner, but what are you going to do. We picked the Subway because, well, I don't really know. Maybe I thought that joy riding fundamentalists would be more likely to stop at McDonalds than a Subway. All I can say about the food is that I am looking forward to having lunch anywhere else tomorrow.

We drove mostly through a sky that threatened rain and sometimes made good on the threat today. This was a driving day so we didn't stop anywhere. There were a few places to stop, but nothing that really grabbed us. We are just pushing through to Cleveland area tomorrow and the following day we plan on visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well, assuming the kids from the cornfield don't kill us during the night. 

Well, TV or book? Maybe I will go a little wild and try both for a change. 

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