Tuesday 22 September 2015


Okay, another trip blog. You just have to read about it, I have to experience it 24/7...and pay for it.

Okay, I was telling you about the HoJo we stayed in last night. The reason we picked it was because it was cheap and at the end of a long driving day we figured we would just drop into bed and pass out, getting up early the next day for a quick "complimentary" breakfast and back on the road. I should mention that I read a few negative reviews about the place, but people who give negative reviews have a bone to pick...right? One of the reviews was that a woman complained the carpet was so sticky in the hall that she almost lost a sandal. I won't be wearing sandals so no problem.

We were checked in by Travis who looked like he was trying to go straight and give up the gang life, having only moderate success. We were given the key card and Louise went right into the bathroom and I took the three paces needed to cross the room. It was a real small room, but small is cozy, right. Louise had come out of the bathroom and mentioned that it was dirty. I noticed that the extra safety lock on the door was broken, perhaps as a result of a police drug or prostitution raid. It was about this time that the woman opened the door, having been given our room by Travis. We laughed and Travis called to apologize. All is forgiven.

We slept a little later than planned and when we got to the complimentary breakfast area at 9:11 we were told that breakfast ended at 9:00. No problem for us, but the woman with the three year old was pretty choked. I thought that the breakfast lady could have let the kid have a bowl of cereal or something, but rules are rules I suppose.

No sense hanging around, so Louise and I decided to check out right away and find some place that was still serving breakfast. I thought it would be best to do this in person just to make sure that Travis or the Dragon Lady hadn't padded the bill. The Dragon Lady asked us if our stay was pleasant and Louise mentioned that we would have like breakfast to be a little later, but what are you going to do. Louise then said that the toilet was dirty and the toilet paper roll was empty, but thankfully there was a spare on the back of the toilet. The Dragon Lady thanked Louise for telling her and said that too many people don't mention things and they can't fix the problem if they don't know there is a problem.

Hmmmmm...I would have thought that the first day in Hotel school they would have taught that leaving shit unflushed in the bowl and some hardened on the rim was a definite NO! Random shit in a hotel should be dealt with immediately because that kind of thing makes you think twice about staying at the next HoJo that you run across in your travels. Well, it does for me.

Well, we also saw the Little Bighorn site and Devils Tower. Both were beyond awesome!

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