Sunday 13 September 2015

Coffee and Breakfast

When I looked out the window this morning it looked like autumn.

More trees than I remember from yesterday seem to have their leaves yellowing and when I looked at the lawn there were a few yellow leaves blowing around. Hopefully, they will all blow over to the neighbour’s yard and he will be responsible for raking them up. The sky is overcast which puts a greyish hue on everything. The temperature is ten which is the same as it was yesterday when the sun was shining, but for some reason it looks colder.

I suspect it is just me. I have more things that need to get done and here I am doing finger exercises on a keyboard. We are fast approaching the end of summer and the beginning of fall which is September 23rd this year. That is just a day before my birthday. If anyone wants to send me money, tools, books, Tim’s card or any number of shiny electrical gadgets they would be appreciated. I wonder when the official date for a human entering the “autumn” of his/her life is. I suspect that I am closing in on it or sailing past it.

Everything is still mostly green outside, but it won’t be long before greys and browns replace it and not too long past that we will look out one day and see a beautiful blanket of white covering any and all horizontal surfaces. I am kind of looking forward to winter this year for some reason. Meanwhile, I have shit to do today.

I need to do some work on a bike or two to keep them in working order. I should/could put another coat of paint on the back door, I don’t think it need…needs it, but it might be a good idea. I do have to get the electronics and all of the cables I will use during our trip in a weeks time. I did dig out the maps of the northern US states that we will be travelling through. Even with our dollar so low, it is still cheaper to travel through the US and that is crazy. Clothing will more or less take care of itself. If I take warm clothes, it will be hot and they will stay in the suitcase. However, if I just take shorts and t-shirts it will be the coldest September on record. Thankfully, where I am going there will be stores and I have enough money to pick up what I need.

Well, time to get at it I suppose, I can’t piss away the whole day writing a blog. First though I think a run to Tim Horton’s for coffee and breakfast is in order…


This is now much later and I have successfully managed to pretty much piss the day away. I did get to spend time with the most beautiful little girl in the world and her dad. She isn’t feeling 100% and neither is her dad. I hope they get better and find the world a sunnier place soon. I didn’t do anything with the bikes, which appears to be tomorrows work. The electronics are also on the agenda for tomorrow or the following day at the latest. I rotated the tires which I didn’t even suspect that I would do today, imagine that.

All that is left to do is try to get happy and find a reason to get out of bed tomorrow.

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