Wednesday 2 September 2015

A Good Sized Pot of Gold

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Yes, I know I spend too much time in the local Tim Horton’s. I don’t go for the coffee which is okay, and I rarely have a donut. Ever since they stopped baking them in the stores, they are pretty bland and much smaller. At one time you could find a Tim’s that had a great baker and the donuts were superb. I guess you have to sacrifice quality for universal taste.

I like Tim’s more for people watching than anything else. There is a constant flow of diverse people that pass through those doors every hour of every day. There are office workers taking a break from the office, stretching their legs and getting some fresh air in the process. There are the construction workers who are getting a coffee to stay sharp. They also need to sit for a while and contemplate not paying attention when they were in school. Of course there is a steady flow of cops going in and out the door at all hours, getting a break from the evil doers and traffic offenders. There are the sales and insurance people who meet with clients in a place that is convenient and safe for both parties. Every now and then I will see a scruffy someone sleeping with a coffee on the table in front of him. I’d like to know his story, but I have a strict policy of never waking babies or people that might punch me. Care givers will often come with their charges to eat up some time during the day and to have an outing. You just never know who will show up.
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Today I was just sitting down when I saw a woman jump out of her car with a half eaten sandwich in each hand. Oh good, coffee and a show. She went up to the woman at the counter and said something that I couldn’t hear. Lucky for me I had Louise to translate “angry woman” for me. It turns out that she took a bite or two of the sandwich and I suppose that her companion did as well and it had the taste of mould. I might buy that in some other restaurant, but the turn over in Tim’s is so large that I doubt any mould would have a chance to grow. The woman behind the counter was at a loss, but I guess it is company policy to keep the customer happy and that woman was given two new sandwiches. Louise and I figure that the “mould” she tasted would have been the blue cheese used in the sandwich. I won’t totally rule out mould though, anything is possible.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, a couple of guys in suits came into the restaurant. One was more or less normal, but the other guy was pretty short with a pixyish face and had a light green shirt and a dark green tie. I told Louise that I was going to grab him and demand a pot of gold. She looked at me like I was nuts. I told her that is exactly the way a Leprechaun would dress in this day and age. She said there is no such thing as a Leprechaun and I should stop staring at him. I told her that if there were Leprechauns, that is how they would look. “There isn’t though!” “But if there was…” “There isn’t!”
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We left Tim’s and the way I see it, we also left a good sized pot of gold.

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