Thursday 17 September 2015

Just Once

I envy the bastards of this world.

The bastards always think they are right and no matter what or who criticizes them they just shrug it off and go about their business of being a bastard. The problem is that we non-bastards will let the bastards get away with being bastards and often it is just easier for us to let them have their way.

Of course when this happens, the bastards are vindicated in the belief that they are always right and are the true leaders of humanity. Bastards!

I wonder what it feels like to think that you are always right. To not have the doubts that most of us have. To be sure that no matter what the situation is that you are involved in, the path you choose will lead you to safety and be the right path. If anything does happen to go wrong, the bastards will always blame it on someone else sticking their nose in and mucking up the perfect plan.

I will never know, because I tend to hesitate and wonder what would be best for everyone. Just once I would like to be one of the bastards. Just once I would like to be right. Just once…

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