Sunday 30 November 2014

Sleazy Bastards

What do you think about computer security?

Should we be worried?

Should we be afraid?

Should we trust that our internet providers and the big computer companies will take steps to safeguard us?

Is the government running search algorithms looking for potential trouble makers?

Are the internet security companies the ones behind all of the viruses that plague our computers?


I suppose they are good questions and ones that you and I will never get answers to. If the big boys are controlling things, then they aren’t about to let us know about it. I think the question that should be asked is “Can we do anything about it if we did find out?” Probably not. We should fight of course, but it is like slapping air, somewhat exhausting and ultimately useless.

I am one of the lucky few with nothing of any importance on my computer other than copies of these blogs and some other scribbles I have done. I’d miss the photos, but they are backed up and I could retrieve most of them.

I’m not too worried that the government is going to watch me through the camera on my computer, why would they want too? Come to think about it, I would be kind of flattered if anyone wanted to look at me. Well, not some weird, creepy guy living in his mom’s basement, but almost anyone else would be cool. What I do worry about is identity theft. It is very difficult to find the people that do this and when they are found the punishment is often too light. I’d like to see castration involved in the punishment, and fire ants and honey would be appropriate. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Get yourself a security program that you trust, figure out a way to have very good passwords and a way to remember what they are. Turn your computer off while you aren’t using it and if possible, do your banking in person.

There are about seven billion people on the planet, and with any luck the sleazy bastards will target one of them and not you.

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