Wednesday 12 November 2014


Like most people, I think I am a good driver. There are indications that I’m not. My friends almost always volunteer to drive whenever we go anywhere. Louise will sometimes give me warnings that there is a pedestrian in front of me or that the car ahead is “STOPPING!!!!!!”.

I never wanted my license, but was coerced into getting it by my dad. Yes, driving is very convenient and in Calgary it is a real time saver. I guess my problem with driving is that I tent to zone out and think of things not particularly driving related when I should be thinking of things driving related. To the best of my knowledge, I have yet to kill anyone or cause an accident. Well, there was that one time…

I am aware that I am not perfect, but with all of my flaws I am head and shoulders above some of the dingbats who have been given their drivers license in Calgary. I’m not even going to talk about how badly they drive on the roads. Suffice to say that two out of the eight contestants on “Canada’s Worst Drivers” are from Alberta.

When you go to one of the big shopping malls, I can see how the parking can be a bit confusing if you seldom shop there. It is big and usually busy, but if you use common sense you can find a spot with relative ease. Some malls even have valet parking during the Christmas rush. What I have trouble with is just how badly people park at the local grocery store parking lot. This is the store they come to at least once a week and they should know how the parking works. Yes, we had some snow and the lines are covered, but if they just think back to the last time they were in the lot, they should remember how things worked.

You would think so, but today, either everyone that was shopping were new to the area, or they were total morons. Parking was a free for all! There were aisles barely eight feet across in spots and one area of the parking lot was totally empty. I saw one car that had been boxed in with a car in front and one behind. The idea of a straight line had no meaning today. I just couldn’t take it!

Well, in just four short months we will be able to see the lines again and maybe, just maybe there will be a sense of order in the Co-Op parking lot once more.

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