Wednesday 26 November 2014

Hope Yours Was Better

Well, I went to the dentist for a cleaning today. I am always a little reticent about the cleaning, because for me, nine times out of ten I find out that I need to get a filling, replace a crown, build a bridge or some other equally frightening procedure will need to be done. If I were a suspicious man, I would think that my visit coinciding with Christmas coming up is just a way to pad their bank account.

I do enjoy visiting with all of the people there, they are nice and we usually have a good laugh. Besides, I get to question them about different dental procedures that I have heard of over the past few months. I could ask my friends, but for the most part they are pretty ignorant when it comes to all things dental. Dental friends are kind of cool because you aren’t really emotionally attached to them. I care…sort of, as much as you can care about someone that you pay to hurt you. The hygienist was jabbing sharp metal things in between my teeth and then complained that my gums were bleeding. Wow, that must have taken some serious training to figure the reason for that out.

I asked Dr. Julie about her daughter and she was saying that she is really smart and if she gets any smarter then her dad will have to help her with home work. Bear in mind that the kid is three. I want to think that Dr. Julie is the smartest and best dentist in the Calgary area, perhaps all of western Canada. Maybe I should get her daughter to work on my teeth. There was a point when she was showing me an x-ray of the second lingual, pointing out an invisible problem on a gray blurry thing and told me that I should let her know when I wanted it to be worked on. I asked if there was a youtube video showing me how I would do my own. I think I could work on my teeth, but I have no idea what a lingual is.

The receptionist was all bubbly because she and her husband had just bought a home. I gave my congratulations to her and asked where the house is located. She told me High River AB. I gave her my condolences and told her that she can get hip waders at Bass Pro Shop pretty cheap. High River is the town that was most affected by the flood two years ago in southern AB. I don’t think a single structure avoided flooding. The town’s name is High River and over the years it has certainly earned the name.

I wish her well in the new house; it does look beautiful and is certainly a step up from the rental accommodation where she is living now. I suppose that potential buyers are a little gun shy and those with an optimistic outlook on life get a good deal. I told her to keep anything that could be damaged by water on the upper floor and she should be okay.

They put this new fluoride treatment on my teeth today; they say it is far better than the old method. They paint it on and just leave it to wear off, the only down side is that I couldn’t have a coffee until two hours after it was applied. Anything that allows me to get my teeth checked and be told everything is fine, I can live with.

Well, that’s my boring day, hope yours was better.

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