Saturday 8 November 2014

God Gives Us Grand Children

We are looking after Hurricane and Tornado tonight while Arwen and Chris are in Banff pretending to be twenty something’s for a few stolen hours. I suspect that as much fun as they are having they are at the point in their lives when they would be just as happy with a quiet evening at home eating popcorn and watching a good movie. They will probably get to bed before the witching hour too. Whatever they are up to, I hope they are having fun.

We have had a busy/quiet/crazy day listening to kids being kids. How many times have I wanted to say “No, I really don’t care? I’m happy that you are happy, but I would be happier if you were happy just a little quieter.” I would never say anything like that of course and to tell the truth I am often intrigued at how kids look at life. I guess when everything is new and wonderful you just want to share it with someone that you love. They are good kids!

The boys are at the age when they can play independently of adults. Of course it is also the age when said adults should begin to worry when it is too quiet. Louise and I were able to relax a little when the kids were watching videos on the iPad. God bless you Steve Jobs! Once the kids learn how to navigate with a mouse of finger, there is no end of videos they can access and no end of quiet the adults can access. Well, unless the kids find “The Annoying Orange” videos which are unbelievably annoying.

We had supper of spaghetti and meatballs (a favourite and sure to be eaten), a Popsicle for desert and chased with a cookie a little later. I watched “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” and for the most part so did the boys. Towards the end, “The Annoying Orange” was too strong a draw and I watched the end alone.

That eventually led us to bath and bed, with stories from a new compilation of childhood favourites that I picked up a while back. Thankfully, a lot of the favourites were unknown to me and surprisingly interesting. Win…win…win!

I promised a trip to Tim Horton’s tomorrow after we have breakfast. It isn’t really a bribe to sleep, but if that is the way they see it, who am I to argue.

It is days like today when I wish I could go back in time and be with my kids when they were the age of Hurricane and Tornado. They were wonderful kids and I miss the good times we had. I wish now that I had worried less about those unimportant things that seemed to be so important at the time and just laughed and loved a little more. 

Maybe that’s why God gives us grand children…

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