Saturday 29 November 2014

A Big Win

We are currently in a deep freeze. It will only last for a week or so and then the temperature will get back to the normal winter conditions. Well, that is my fervent wish anyways. If not, I have a few friends that live in BC who just may get a couple of house guests till the winter is over. Now, having said that, I imagine my friends are wishing for a short, warm winter as well.

Louise and I had to get up early because we had committed to donate blood today. Normally, it isn’t a problem, but the Calgary road crews have been doing their usual bang up job of making the roads safe. I don’t know what it is that they don’t understand about their jobs. It seems simple enough to me…CLEAN THE FUCKING SNOW OFF OF THE FUCKING STREETS!!!!!!!! Perhaps they didn’t get my memo. Anyways, we did get to donate blood safely enough and once again Louise was quicker than I was in giving her donation. I keep telling her that bleeding quickly is only desirable when you are giving blood, never in a real life scenario.

We went over to Brendan’s afterwards to visit with Tsunami and I went to give Brendan a hand. His car refused to start last night in the Co-Op parking lot and we were going to try and get it started. I am probably the absolute worst person to help in any mechanical situation, but I was willing to go with him in our  -25°C weather. Of course we couldn’t get the damned thing going; it appears that positive thoughts and good wishes have little effect on a frozen engine block. Who knew?

Brendan called City Wide Towing who told him that they would be able to help him out in about twelve hours or so. Well, that’s a comfort. I told him I would call one of my neighbours who had a tow truck, All J Towing who is a nice and friendly guy. I called him and told him our problem and he said that he would be able to get to us in about 45 minutes. Done! Forty five is way better than 12 hours, any day of the week. I don’t know if he bumped us to the head of the line because we are neighbours, and if he did then I apologize for those who had a little longer wait in the cold.

I will always call the local businessman over one of the big companies if at all possible. We need to support alternative choices whenever we can. Besides, during my life whenever I have needed a tow, those big companies have made me wait hours and sometimes days. Usually when my vehicle froze up or broke down it was due to weather and everyone else’s cars were acting up too.

Brendan had to get the car towed to his mechanics and will deal with getting it fixed on Monday. For me it is always the not knowing what I am going to do in a situation like this that gives me ulcers. Once I have taken some kind, any kind of action then my life is back on track. It may cost me money or grief, but there is forward movement, and movement is good.

I am hoping to win a lotto tonight and if I do I will buy Brendan a new vehicle. Well, as long as it’s a big win.

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  1. Hey Ken we had dusting of snow overnight Friday, but you'll be relived to know it melted by noon! How about your snowfall, gone yet? B