Monday 10 November 2014

Lest We Forget

I kind of feel that I should write something about Remembrance Day tomorrow, but I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been said better by others. I can say what it means to me.

“In Flanders Fields”

Remembrance Day was a very big deal when I was in grade school. Well, it seemed like a pretty big thing to me, we would spend time in class making Poppy related art, attempt to memorize “In Flanders Fields” and sometimes we would take part in the Remembrance Day Assembly. I don’t recall if it was an actual holiday back then, but it sure felt like it to me. It was and is the second part of the Holiday Triple Crown.

First came Thanksgiving the time when we would give our thanks for all of our good fortune, and celebrate that fortune with an abundance of great tasting food. Remembrance Day was next, and we would remember those that gave their lives so that we could have the good life that we enjoyed. It was the lesser holiday, but important none the less. The biggy is of course Christmas. The whole year leads up to it and no expense is spared in preparation and celebration which covers the whole month of December.

I think the people of my generation (baby boomers) were closer to a war and Remembrance Day had a larger impact on us than it does to today’s generation. I am sure that part of the reason for that is so many of the adults around us were directly affected by the war. Our parents may have been in the war, their friends were warriors and even our teachers would have lost loved ones due to the war. Is it any wonder that it was a big deal for us kids?

I don’t know how you can instil the same feeling into the kids today who have been sixty years away from a war. I’m talking about Canadian kids here; we are one of the few countries who have remained untouched by war. Perhaps that is the way, show them just how lucky they have been and it is all due to brave men and women protecting our shores from evil. We will continue to respect Remembrance Day and at 11:00 AM we will give two minutes of our time to silently thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our quiet, peaceful lives.


A Pittance of Time

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