Wednesday 19 November 2014

Happy Seasonal Wishes

I just received another one of those facebook comments by someone that is upset that someone else is saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I suppose that the problem is that by saying Happy Holidays you will in some way take the “Christ” out of Christmas.
As my dad used to say, “Well, Christ on a stick! That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” He usually said that when I was talking to him about how I saw the world, but I’m sure he would have used it if he had been on facebook. I’ve noticed that the people who put comments like this on facebook are Christians only at Christmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The rest of the year they do their worship from under the covers.

We used to go to church on a regular basis when the kids were small. We hoped that when they decided organized religion had many flaws, they would make that decision with some real time experience to draw on. It turns out that they didn’t learn much of anything other than that there are some very odd people who go to church every Sunday. I kind of enjoyed the sense of belonging in a way. The coffee was terrible, but it was fun to learn why these people came to the church and what they get from it. Everyone was different and they all had an empty hole in their lives that they filled with religion.
I don’t know why people are bothered by the Happy Holidays comment; as far back as I can remember it has been used at this time of year. I guess the animosity began when some well intentioned person wanted to name a Christmas tree the Holiday tree. I don’t care what someone else wants to call the tree or for that matter, I don’t care if they want to call Christmas by some politically correct name either. I will continue to call it what I like.
The Christmas season is no longer just about a religious holiday. It is about money and our economy. The season brings with it a frenzy of spending on quite literally everything. There is no area of our economy that is unaffected by Christmas. Retail stores are just apeshit crazy of course, travel and all of the tourism industry, the oil industry benefits from increased movement, the Post Office which helps pay for my pension, construction getting everything ready for the season and on and on. I defy anyone to find a business that doesn’t reap the rewards of the season.

Don’t worry what someone else is doing or saying, why would you care? Enjoy Christmas or don’t enjoy Christmas, any stress is only there because you allow it to be there. Smile at strangers, give generously to those that have little, let the little children believe in the magic for as long as possible, love those closest to you and call it whatever you want to call it.

Eat too much. Give too much. Get too much. Enjoy too much. Don’t let the sad little people make you sad and small. 

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