Thursday 21 February 2013

You Just Can’t Stop Stupid

I just opened a package of fish and it said “IMPORTANT remove plastic before cooking!” To me that just makes sense, but it’s obvious that enough people in the past haven’t removed the plastic and the company needs to print this warning on the packaging. The people that the company are targeting are pretty stupid. I’m not sure they would think to look at the writing or even if they could read the writing when they saw it. I can just picture the letters that the people at Highliner get every day.

“I thought that your company made a quality product! It says fresh from the ocean, but it tastes like burnt plastic. Maybe this is from all of the bottles that are floating in the water, but you should mention that on your commercials. All five packages have tasted the same and I think I should get a free case of fish.”

They already got a free case of stupid from the universe. I do remember someone telling me that on the first Christmas turkey they ever cooked, they had left the bag with the gizzards in the bird. From what she told me, it did taste something like plastic, but what the guests didn’t know she wasn’t going to tell.
I am always amazed that anything (especially toys) that comes wrapped in a plastic bag has the warning printed on it that plastic bags are not toys. Who thinks that they are? Have there been deaths from kids playing with the bags? How sad if that is the case. I wonder if these warnings are legislated by the government. I know the government thinks we are all stupid, and to tell the truth I understand why they think that. We keep voting for them!
When I was a kid, there weren’t warnings printed on bags, we just played with the toys. We trusted that our parents would take the wrapping off of the food they fed us. Dad didn’t leave his razor blades out for us to play with. In fact, medicine cabinets came with a slot that let dad drop the spent blades between the walls.

There were safety warnings though. Mom or dad would tell us not to play in the creek/construction site/abandoned building or we would die. Not from those places, but from mom and dad when they found out we had played in the creek/construction site/abandoned building. I believed them too!

There was a pretty dangerous thing that we were warned to stay away from. Lots of kids did die when playing in refrigerators. Back then, refrigerators had handles that could only be opened from the outside and sometimes kids would choose an empty fridge to hide in when playing hide-n-seek. Why people dumped the fridges in vacant lots still amazes me. Thankfully, now that problem doesn’t exist any more because they make the doors so they will open with a push.
Now, for the fish and toys, you just can’t stop stupid!

This is a big day for the blog. Today it reached 20,000 page views! That’s really good for me. I know that as far as blogs go it isn’t a big deal, but I just want to thank everyone from all over the world that have managed to stumble upon it over the past two years and a double thanks to those that stumble upon it on a regular basis.

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