Saturday 9 February 2013

Some Sort of Immortality

I talked to my brother on Skype today for the first time. Up until now he hasn’t had a computer so talking on Skype was impossible. I find it inconceivable that it has taken this long for him to join the computer age. I could no more do without a computer than a TV.

That is to say that I could do without them, but I think the quality of my life would change. Now, whether the change would be for the good or for the bad, I will probably never know. I often think that if I were to stop watching TV my life would improve by leaps and bounds. Either that, or I would find myself alone and sitting on a park bench feeding pigeons. Now and then, there is nothing of interest on the tube and I will venture into a creative endeavour of some kind. Whenever that happens, I feel that at the end of the day my life has had some meaning.

If you spend an evening making something as opposed to and evening watching TV, you probably know what I mean. I know what you are going to say, “But Ken…you can do both.” That is true as far as it goes, but it is like saying that there is no reason to eat more than six potato chips at a sitting and two tablespoons of ice cream is enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. I don’t think it is possible for me to eat six chip or two tablespoons of ice cream and there is no way that I could just watch an hour or so of TV. Yes, that may be pathetic but it is what I have to work with in this life.

I have veered off topic, so back to Steve and the computer. I find that I am happy and sort of envious for him and the world of the internet that is opening up for him. I don’t know if he will spend time on the computer or if it will be something that catches his attention from time to time. I kind of like being able to chat with him face to face. It is more fun to laugh with someone when you are looking at them. I will do what I can to foster his interest.

We are both getting older and there will be a time when we spend more time inside looking out than we spend outside looking in. That is just the way of life. He pointed out that I was a little greyer than he is. Perhaps next time I will tell him the video isn’t working.

I have mentioned before that the internet enables shut ins to venture out into the world without leaving home. Computers will be our park benches and pigeons. Now, as to whether Steve embraces the possibilities only time will be able to tell. I know that it has changed my life and I think in a positive way, but then I guess that crack-cocaine users figure their lives are better with a little snort now and then. Do you even snort crack?

I do look forward to my future in the digital world. I suppose it is possible this blog will be floating around the ether forever and I will achieve some sort of immortality.

Yea me!!!!

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